Nature Boy takes a drive

Work sent me across the state to do a project in Idaho Falls. I went in for the morning shift, then hit the road about noon. I wanted to get here before dark and potentially rush hour.

Not that IF is such a frightening place, but I’m not overly familiar with it. I elected to cut across the desert. There is a freeway option, but it’s quite a bit longer.

I saw antelope all around Fairview, which is pretty normal. It’s also big game migration time, and I expected a few deer. The deer didn’t show. What did show was a badger out in a stubble field. He was booking along, trying to get to his burrow somewhere.

I was fairly content with seeing something unusual, but then I got near Sun Valley. My highway crosses the one up into SV. There is a stop sign, and usually quite a bit of traffic.

Drivers were starting to accordion as they approached the intersection, and I may have slowed down a bit too much. I think I irritated the guy behind me. My reasoning was the herd of six elk that just crossed the road. Five cows and a six-point bull directing where they went. I don’t think he even saw them, and they were standing in short grass as we drove by.

I wanted pictures of all this stuff, but the traffic never cooperated with me. I know how to call a badger back up from his hole, and have done it many times. I have some beautiful photos from back in my 35mm days. I just didn’t have 30 minutes to spare. This is a work trip, and I really didn’t want to get here in the dark.

Nature wasn’t finished with me, though. About two miles past the intersection, there were two raccoons grabbing for something out in a stubble field. You don’t normally see them out in broad daylight. I slowed to see if there was a parking area, but there wasn’t. I don’t know if it was grain, or some kind of bug that brought them out, but it was cool to see.

I turned back toward my drive, and a rooster pheasant stepped right in front of the car. It didn’t end well for the pheasant. I heard the thump. I never saw him in my rear-view mirror, so drove to the nearby chain-up area. Once around the car, and no sign of him. This isn’t my truck, it’s a small state vehicle, so I was a bit concerned about cracking a headlight, or damaging the grill. No damage at all.

I cruised through Craters of the Moon, and enjoyed the scenery, but the wildlife had called it a day. Other than one last herd of antelope near Arco, that was it.

It was a fun day, but I didn’t get any pictures. I may have had my best chance with the raccoons, but the pheasant threw me off my game. (Raccoons aren’t known for a rapid retreat.)

I need to surf through a couple of websites, then I may add some new words to my side project. Goodnight everyone.


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29 responses to “Nature Boy takes a drive

  1. I think I would be content with allowing the badger to remain in its hole.

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  2. Wow! You saw a lot on your drive. That had to make it more fun. Good luck with your work project and hope you see even more–but don’t run over them–on your way home:)

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  3. That’s a great collection of animal encounters. Sorry about the pheasant.

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  4. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a badger in real life, let alone attempt to get it out of its hole. Lol. How do you tempt them out?

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  5. This sounds like an entertaining drive, Craig. We also have aggressive drivers here. I stopped the other day to take a picture of ducks on the dam and some driver got all annoyed. I pulled over so there was no reason. I just ignored him.

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  6. Well that was a fantastic drive. Such a lot of sightings. It’s always the way when you see something unusual it’s Murphy’s law your driving or not got the camera or phone to hand! I do hope you got to Idaho Falls before dark.

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  7. Sounds like an interesting drive, Craig. Not pleasant for the pheasant, mind! Hope your work in IF goes smoothly. Hubby and I are SO looking forward to a Friday Night and a weeknd, lol. Have a good one 🙂

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  8. Damyanti Biswas

    Next time I may come along for the adventure! Though sorry about the rooster pheasant.

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  9. No interesting drives like that around here. Just idiot drivers who have no business behind a wheel while texting, talking on the phone, reading, etc. Have a great weekend, Craig!

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  10. You have mentioned Badgers before, Craig, and as I read this, it occurred to me that they are most likely one of your Totem Animals. You might want to read about them. 🙂 Sounds like quite the entertaining (and not so much) day!

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  11. Nice you got to see so much wildlife, though shame you didn’t have time to stop and take photos.

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  12. That’s neat, mostly because we don’t have the same scenery or wildlife. We do, however, have a raccoon who lives by the school and we frequently see him skulking about at the athletic doors. One morning, I really thought he was going to go play basketball. He doesn’t even seem skittish about the kids.
    Also, I just love how people behind me have terrible fits of rage when I slow for pedestrians or turning traffic they can’t see. Maybe they mow people down and wreck a lot. I’m not all about that life.

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