The fetal position

This weekend was one of those that makes me curl up and chew my nails. My original intention was to publish Serang, then start thinking of tour posts to let the world know about it.

Yesterday was a chore day. This involved two appointments at nearly the same time. Old What’s Her Face had an appointment to get her brakes worked on. This meant I had to put Otto and Frankie in my truck, pick her up at the dealership, then take Otto for his vaccinations.

After that, she needed to stop by the pet store, and that led to Otto wanting to meet everyone in town. Things take longer when he’s around. It’s like hanging out with a rock star… “Just one more picture.”

Another leg of the plan was to come home, load up some garbage the sanitation guys won’t pick up, then visit the dump on the way to get the other car. Didn’t work out.

We managed date night at a new restaurant, and while it was decent, it didn’t blow me away for the expense.

Today, our grandson came over and bagged leaves. This was all prearranged because he wanted to make some money. It’s actually kind of nice, because I didn’t have to do it, and he was excited about it.

I ran Serang through the Amazon Mill, and am waiting now. Again, I’m biting my lip to see what happens. I had slow Internet this morning, and the previewer was sketchy at best. I decided, since it does not have the fun graphics, like the hat stories, the formatting was probably great.

It also never flagged any spelling errors, and it should have. This is a fantasy, and even words like “Serang” ought to draw attention. Locations like Di Guo Quishi should have also been questioned. (WordPress just questioned it.)

I’m going on blind faith with Serang. Hope it really does look great, and that it is spelling error free. I might have to buy my own copy to find out how the formatting came across.

Right now, Old What’s Her Face is having a Hallmark Christmas. You know the ones where the blossoming business woman dumps her boyfriend who is an up-and-comer and has a future, because she went to a small town and met a guy in flannel who owns his own apple press.

Mr. Rock-Star is snoring on the floor beside my feet.

I expect to hear from Amazon tomorrow, and we have to make that trip to the dump. The truck is all loaded in the garage, and they aren’t open today. Tomorrow is my flex day, so email will tell me what to work on before my wife gets home. It could be tour posts, or it could be new words on my side project, Grinders.

After all that, I consider it a good weekend. We got a lot done, and I got to do some of my projects among the mix. Hope all of you had a great weekend, too.


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30 responses to “The fetal position

  1. That Amazon spellcheck thing can be weird. It never picked up on any fantasy names and most creatures. Fireskin and channeler were common attacks, but that second one stopped after a few books. I wonder if it looks act your previous material and factors that in.

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  2. Weekends are usually a mixed bag–writing, family, and chores. You wouldn’t want to get bored:)

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  3. I LMAO at Hallmark Christmas description. So did The Mister. Good stuff!
    I find my work spellcheck knows ‘traditional’ names like Craig and Packard, but it doesn’t know interesting non WASPy names like Jolene or Serang, and I usually Ignore All so that if I mis-type one, it’ll redline me. I would be very concerned if it began ignoring unusual names. Even when I don’t misspell, there are typos. Their our typoes. These things happen. Best of luck with the release 🙂

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  4. I didn’t realize you were gearing up so soon for another launch. I guess I had better get an idea for a tour stop together.

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  5. Serang is intriguing me, I will have to read it!

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  6. Good luck with Serang and congrats at hitting that publish button, Craig 🙂 Fingers crossed it all goes well for you!

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  7. Glad it was a productive weekend. Hope all goes smoothly with the book upload.

    When I’m in the right mood for them, I love those Hallmark Christmas type movies. I’ve got to be in the right kind of mood to appreciate them though.

    I get that when I’m out with our dogs too. Takes 20 minutes to walk a distance that normally takes about 5 minutes. I’m always torn between being frustrated by how often we have to stop, and glad all the attention makes the dogs so happy.

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  8. Sounds like a busy weekend. My hubby also started watching the Hallmark Christmas movies. *heavy sigh*

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  9. That’s why I never stop with word spellchecks… Gotta go way beyond that. 🙂

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  10. The title of your blog caught my attention because that is exactly how I felt over the weekend. My big plans to get tons of words written for NaNoWriMo have gone awry and so far I only have 1500 words to show for it. 😦 Life has a way of taking over sometimes and that’s exactly what happened. Oh well. Onward and upward. I hope Serang passes the Amazon test!

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  11. I know what you mean. Just went through the process with Dancer in the Grove of Ghosts myself. But, Amazon did find half a dozen typos. Of course, first it flagged every unique word in my fantasy setting…

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