Checking in for the weekend

I had a houseful of company this weekend. It’s just easier to step back and spend family time, than step away from them to keep this place updated.

I usually try to blog around three times per week, more occasionally. With the Viral Blues tour going on, it was pretty simple to reblog wherever I was and keep some original content available.

It occurred to me it might be easier to appear less places per week and spread the tour out. Prior to this release, I crammed about a dozen or more appearances into a ten day period, then went crazy trying to keep up with all of them. Spreading it all out didn’t make it any easier. You try stuff and you learn. It was worth a shot.

If nothing else, it could be more productive, since I’m targeting the Halloween season this time. Maybe there’s someone out there who hasn’t started looking for a story yet. Not everyone gets into Halloween for a long as I do.

All of my posts are original material, so following me around isn’t too boring. By now, my regulars all know about my book. You’ve either gotten a copy, or decided it wasn’t for you. The purpose of touring is to reach a larger audience. My hosts have regulars I haven’t met, or only know peripherally. Maybe one of them will take a chance on me, that’s kind of the theory.

The good news is all the reblogging is about to stop. (Hears a small cheer spread across the blogosphere.) This is because I’m also participating in the Something Wicked tour with my partners over at Story Empire. We’re all taking our show on the road to promote a few suitable Halloween titles. This means I’ll be hosting someone every day next week. My appearances will be on their blogs, but I won’t post over the top of my guests. Here is the Something Wicked tour schedule if you want to check in on any of us.

At Story Empire we try to bring our fellow authors valuable content. Sometimes it involves story craft, others it’s about promotion, all kinds of topics. We’re all authors, too, and we have to promote our own wares occasionally. I hope you guys take advantage of this to meet some outstanding authors, maybe find a new blog to follow, or even just spread the word. I’ll do my best to keep up with the ones I wrote and answer questions, or participate in the comments.

In other news, I have a full work-week ahead of me, then I’m burning some leave time. My goal is to get Serang off to the formatter, then prepare some posts to tour her story around. I’ll have to identify a few hosts and put the touch on them for Serang.

I’m probably crazy for scheduling them so close together, but I don’t see a lot of options. At least my schedule will be clear for whatever comes next.

As far as what comes next, I’d love to get back to HMS Lanternfish. I glanced at it briefly, and don’t even remember some of what I’ve written. Before I take it up again, I’ll have to read it from the beginning to get back into it. That’s one of the bad things about long breaks. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone on this. Promo has to happen, and the break was necessary.

It was a nice family weekend, we had some great seafood one night, and had a good visit. I don’t mind losing some time for that. Hope all of you had wonderful weekends, too.


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29 responses to “Checking in for the weekend

  1. We’ve had my husband’s brother staying with us this week and part of next, so I haven’t gotten any writing done, just checking in on e-mails, etc. But we only see him once in a while, and we drove him to Indy to see my grandson and his fiancé. All fun. Glad you had a great time with your family, too, and I can’t for Serang!

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  2. Glad your weekend went well, Craig. Finished Viral Blues and am working on the review.

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  3. Happy to hear you had a nice family visit. Those are so important. Here’s to a fruitful Something Wicked Tour!

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  4. Spreading out a blog tour definitely has its advantages. Though, you can get more of a daily hit if you appear in multiple places each day. I’ve tried both and never noticed if one had an advantage over the other.

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  5. Glad you had a great weekend. And seafood is always aces on my menu.
    I can relate to your promo situation. Have a book dropping the end of December and have to start thinking about pre-order promo. Realistically, I should do that in November but I’m taking the month off from blogging for NaNo, I wrote four pre-order posts today for December, but I have no idea when/how I will asks for hosts in such a short time period. I wish we had a magic pill for this stuff.

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  6. Just thinking about your tour schedule makes me tired. Looking forward to Something Wicked!

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  7. Blog tours are hard work but very rewarding, Craig. Lisa’s interview is my favourite of the TTNG posts, I love the interview, it worked out so well. Rushing off now to fit in as many Something Wicked posts as I can before work.

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  8. If only things were easier. But that is what keeps life interesting.
    And as we all say, family first.

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  9. Wishing you guys lots of downloads on the Something Wicked Tour!

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  10. Sounds liek promo is a necessary evil. Not one I’m particularly looking forward to… suppose I’ll have to face it eventually.
    Good luck with the continued Viral Blues AND Something Wicked Tours!

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  11. I’m late checking in here because I stepped away for a while this weekend myself. Anyway, I’m glad you were able to enjoy some family time. Hope the tour is generating some interest from new readers for you.

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  13. Look at me, a week late.Hopefully your full work week was a good one 🙂

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