Peeking out

I’ve been admittedly quiet around here lately. This is because I’ve been appearing everywhere else. My local efforts haven’t been that interesting, so I’ll just brief on them.

I try to have a couple of posts per week out there, then spend my time supporting those. If you’ve hosted me, you may have seen all the Twitter action and such.

Every weekend, I try to contact a host or two, then write something specifically for them. This tour has been 100% unique material, even though the cover and blurb are the same.

There has also been a surge of interest in Lisa Burton Radio. This takes quite a bit of work, but I like to be there for my fellow authors. I’m not one of those who takes but never gives in that regard.

It honestly doesn’t sound like much, but it’s kept me hopping. I’m enjoying the baseball playoffs to no end this year, but many of those games find me with my iPad across my lap and trying to polish up a post during the game.

Some of you might wonder why you haven’t heard from me for this tour. I will send something if you like, but I have another book coming right on the heels of Viral Blues. I don’t want to wear my usual hosts out, but I’ll need places to promote that book, too.

Part of this weekend is dedicated to whipping Serang into final shape. Most of it involves adding a title and copyright page, a bit of back material, and a fast sweep of the tale itself. If I get everything done, that will make three publications for me this year. I think anyone would admit that’s a pretty busy 2019.

For now, it’s Viral Blues until the end of the month. It has a Halloween theme, and you can read it in a long day. I think it’s funny, and maybe you’d enjoy some seasonal reading.

With this schedule, something had to give. I’m sad to note there is no Macabre Macaroni this year. I never had to time to write some seasonal micro-fiction. Nobody appears to have noticed, but I hope you’re all having a fun Halloween season anyway. Here’s an old MM image of Lisa to hold you over.

Lisa Burton

Old What’s Her Face has a Pirates film festival on today. I adore these movies, and find the music inspirational. They also serve to remind me that I haven’t touched Lanternfish II in over a month. In a perfect world, I would finish this manuscript by the end of the month.

It’s about time for me to knock off, eat some Asian pears, drink a pumpkin beer and find some baseball. (So many Asian pears this year, and they’ve been better than any previous year.)


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35 responses to “Peeking out

  1. Sad to see Macabre Macaroni didn’t happen this year, but it’s understandable. I missed Monster Maker last October for the first time in years because of things going on. It can always make a grand return in 2020. How’s ‘Viral Blue’s doing?

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  2. I looked for your October micro-fiction but then looked at your schedule. No way it could happen, but I still remember the ones you wrote last year. Loved the one with the guy buying the haunted house. I think the ghost was going to win:) I’m really looking forward to Serang’s story, but in the meantime, enjoy your baseball and Asian pears.

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  3. You’ve had a busy year! Enjoy those baseball playoffs.

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  4. Enjoy the playoffs. And the pumpkin beer. I hope you recover soon from the tour. I know how tiring they can be.

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  5. D.L. Finn, Author

    I love pears. Its been a good year for them. This year has flew by and I can’t believe Halloween is here. I’ve enjoyed seeing your posts and reading Virtual Blues:)

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  6. I was just thinking about Macabre Macaroni but I know your busy with promoting Viral Blues. You know my blog is ALWAYS open to you. I plan to take the month of November off for NaNo, but I will gladly make an exception for you and Serang.

    You have had a gold-medal year. I’m blown away by all you’ve accomplished and have coming up before the close of 2019!

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  7. We all have so many hours a day. I’m having Viral Blues as my cooling-down read for the day. Much fun so far!

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  8. If you ever want a host (albeit with a tiny audience), I’d be more than happy to host one of your books Craig. Give me a yell anytime 😁

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  9. I noticed the lack of macabre macaroni, and missed it. But I didn’t say anything, because I know you’ve been busy, so figured that was why.

    I’ve been sharing your posts via the host blogs whenever I’ve seen them. I also have a copy of the book – along with a few of your others I haven’t yet read – on my Kindle waiting for a turn to be read. They’re my planned reads for the days leading up to Halloween.

    When you’re ready to promote the next book, if you need a spot, feel free to shoot me an eMail. Always happy to help, especially if it’s for an author whose books I really enjoy, and I’ve enjoyed all the books of yours I’ve read so far, so there’s always a spot for you if you want one. 🙂

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  10. I’ll miss Macabre Macaroni, but you’ve been really busy – so you’re forgiven. Just this once.

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  11. I have caught quite a few of the Viral Blues blogs and enjoyed them. I have it on my Kindle. It’s standing patiently in line. 🙂 I have to get caught up because I can’t wait for Serang’s story!

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  12. I miss the Macabre Macaroni, too, but hey, at the rate I’m goin, I’d have to read it in front of the Christmas tree, so, I can cope.
    It’s great you’ve accomplished so much 🙂

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