Errand Day

I’m parked at the dealership waiting for my truck to get serviced. They have a great workstation, so I brought my iPad.

My last post got me to thinking about the old iPad. It makes a great coaster. Maybe one day, Christie’s will auction it off for millions in cyber currency.

“Step right up folks. This is called an iPad, and it once belonged to famous author C. S. Boyack. He wrote the novel “Panama” on it, and it is the birthplace of Lisa Burton, who we all know and love. Let’s start the bidding at one-hundred-thousand.”

After I leave here, I have to swing by the pharmacy and pick up prescriptions. High blood pressure is a real thing, so it’s best to stay on top of it.

After getting home, I need to schedule a blog post for a friend, then send her the advance link. I’m watching for a couple of my own promo posts, so I need to find and support those.

After that??? One of my favorite teams is playing today. They’re the “anyone against the Dodgers.” Always love them.


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24 responses to “Errand Day

  1. Author

    What a great coaster idea.

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  2. Go ‘Not the Dodgers’! Wonder if there are shirts that say things like that.

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  3. Loved the bidding dialogue. Wishing that and more for you.

    I’m an “anyone against the Braves” fan, myself. But then, when the Pirates are so awful that their loss is a given, a girl has to amend her cheers a bit. (My list is a lot longer in hockey and football. Not sure if that’s better or worse.)

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  4. I’m an “anyone against the Yankees” person. And although I’m from Texas, I dislike the Astros. My team didn’t do so good this year. Again. Sigh.

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  5. I wonder how much Christie’s will get for the truck.

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  6. I have a iPad mini 2 which is the equivalent of a paperweight. Kind of sickening when you think of what they cost back ”in the day.”
    Hope you’re having a good Saturday!

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  7. Hope you got everything you planned to done, your team did well, and your dream of making money from something you owned before you were hugely famous comes true one day. 😉

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  8. Ha! I often muse about my scribbled notes on pieces of paper that I toss into the bin… should I be keeping these because one day they’ll be worth millions? Eh, I toss ’em anyway.

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  9. D.L. Finn, Author

    I dropped my car off to get serviced and they told me it would be six hours….that was with an appointment. Apparently what I was having done takes a long time so my daughter uber-ed me home and I got to work. But I’m glad you are going to sell your IPad for 100,000 I think it’s worth it! Enjoy your game, I’m not watching playoffs for a while after our loss….lol

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  10. I do watch baseball, Pirates fan. Not sure if I should share that. I am also a fan of anyone against the Yankees or Braves. I dislike both equally. My football team is not doing well, and my hockey team just lost two centers. Ugh. Sports this year have not been kind to me.

    I enjoyed your iPad auction. Who knows? You could be on to something.

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