Situation normal…

I had three days off this weekend, but didn’t accomplish a damned thing. My wife and dog are both on the mend.

We went out for necessities yesterday. The shopping cart makes a pretty good walker as I learned when my back went out. We avoided the fair, because it would have been too much.

I even offered to pick up groceries, but my wife was having none of it. I told her I know how to buy bread, milk, etc. She worried that I would get the wrong bread. Seriously, how bad could it be no matter what I chose? Let’s face it, what we do with toilet paper shouldn’t matter what pretty design it has for one week.

One good thing about accompanying her, and it makes everything right with the world.

The pumpkin beer is here. With this stuff, I can put up with a lot. Shopping makes for a weird date night, but it is what we did.

Tonight I have to drive to Twin Falls and check into a room. I have a presentation to make for work at just after dawn. I can’t risk trying to get there at four AM, then make my appointment. This will take most of the day, but I’ll probably still get to the office in the afternoon.

I’m taking my iPad with me. If I get a few free hours tonight, I might add words to the next Lanternfish story.


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28 responses to “Situation normal…

  1. Pumpkin beer already? Well, I guess I did see Hallowe’en candy in the grocery store yesterday…guess summer is officially over!

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  2. She should do what I do when I send my hubby shopping… Make sure your list includes the brand names. Yeah, I know you guys don’t get it, but it matters to us. Anyway, glad you got some of your pumpkin beer, and good luck with the presentation.

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  3. Glad your household is on the mend, Craig. Pumpkin Ale. I know how you feel. With me, it’s Karbach Hopadillo Ale. I can do almost anything as long as I know there is a 12ozer waiting. Hope you have a good week.

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  4. Pumpkin ale sounds like something I would love to try, not sure if we can get in Ireland thou

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  5. Glad you’re all on the mend.

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  6. I saw pumpkin beer in the store at my local grocer. It seems weird, but then I’m starting to see pumpkin everything.

    Glad everyone is doing well in the Boyack household. Hope you have an awesome presentation tomorrow.

    BTW, I am EXTREMELY fussy about my bread, so I understand your wife’s fear 🙂

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  7. I order all of our groceries online and then my husband only has to pick them up, not pick them out. He’s pretty good at the store, though, in a pinch. Sorry you lost your three day weekend, but glad everyone’s getting better.

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  8. It feels like all of the Fall stuff is showing up early. Oktoberfest and Pumpkin Spice whatever have arrived. Is something driving them into the summer season? Good luck with the presentation.

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  9. Glad your wife and fur baby are both on the mend! I am too, albeit slow going. 🙂

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  10. Glad to hear your wife and dog are doing better!

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  11. Glad to know all are on the mend. Bummer about the fair.
    I guess it’s time for all things pumpkin. Ugh. Between that and Christmas items cropping up in the stores, the season is going to be a long one.

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  12. We’ve put off the shopping all weekend, and need to get it done. We may tonight. I dunno.
    We have TP restrictions here, because our choice is use Angel Soft or spend $10k on the pipe junction under the street, so you know, Angel Soft it is!
    Glad to see your beer is ready for autumn 🙂

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  13. I remember how you look forward to pumpkin beer, and I think it’s something I’d like to try. I’ll have to make an effort to get to it before the season is over. Glad everyone’s on the mend.

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