A whole bunch of stuff

The weekend is upon me and I need to figure out what to do with it. This is my two day weekend, so I’m not planning any new fiction, not a single word.

I scrambled to come up with my next Story Empire post, and already have it scheduled for Monday. Then I found out I’m not only up Monday, I’m up Friday, too. This means I have to write and schedule one more. I ought to be able to handle this easily enough.

I also need to schedule a couple of promotional posts to go with my weekly theme. These are kind of fun, because I get to sift through a lot of fun music videos.

While I’m on the topic of blogging, I’ve seen something interesting in my stats again. I’m getting a bunch of weird searches leading to my blog. Sexually weird searches. I really have no idea why Google, or Bing, or whatever leads them here, but I have a message for them. “Hey you perverts! While you’re here…

Lisa Burton

Seriously, dudes, Lisa is about the most exciting thing you’re going to find here, so this image is for you. I suggest reading Yak Guy, it might actually help you with your lives.

Aside from blogging, I need to save a couple of files on the Mac. These are completely formatted manuscripts, and I can’t put them in a folder on this iPad. I usually save them to the Mac’s home screen so they’re easy to publish or email out. I plan on signing up for NetGalley again, and they’re just easier to send out that way.

I also need to contact the promoter I’ve used in the past. Like all things in the book world, they have a schedule, so if I want promo in October I need to contact them before October.

There is a folder in my email right now about a promo I’ve already signed up for. My goal is to fill out the form to the best of my ability, then send it back. I’ll have to send the purchase link after I actually have one. Fortunately, I’m on good terms with this host, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

If there is any time left, I’ll sort thought my victim volunteer list and figure out how many promotional blog posts I can write ahead of time.

Aside from that, I have one more critique of HMS Lanternfish to address. It isn’t super important, but if the hours are available I’ll deal with it. That ought to make a full weekend.

Next weekend isn’t looking super productive either, even though I get three days. It’s fair time, and we always go to the fair at least once. Sometimes author projects take a back seat. The thing is, that I don’t feel bad about it this time. I’ve been super productive this year and some family time has been well earned.

Wishing all of you a great weekend.


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45 responses to “A whole bunch of stuff

  1. Sounds like a very productive weekend planned.

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  2. Super productive is right. I don’t see how you manage to juggle writing two or three novels at once. Enjoy the weekend.

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  3. Have you ever used a ‘black list’ feature in your settings? Just follow the instructions and put the names of your intruders there. As your list grows, there will be much less unwanted “searchers” and spam.

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  4. Sounds busy even though there isn’t any writing going on. Progress isn’t always about word counts. At least that’s what I tell myself this year. I’ve seen those perverted web searches too. I wonder if there’s like one innocent word that happens to be a tag in there and we use on our posts.

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  5. Busy, busy, busy. Have a great weekend, Craig.

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  6. Weird search links? Sometimes we just don’t want to know…

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  7. I don’t know about the weirdos, but I follow your blog because of the humor! But yes, Lisa is HOT! 🙂

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  8. How bizarre that you are getting such weird search stats. I’m sure it all leads back to Lisa. She is one sexy robot! 🙂 Sounds like a good weekend, all-in-all.

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    • I could be, but the searches don’t match up. One of them was something like “Christian pre-marital foreplay,” or something like that. Doesn’t sound quite like Lisa. I’m still waiting for the day when someone searches for “Awesome Books” and lands here.

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  9. Oh watch those sexual searcher results double now that you’ve given them a taste of Lisa 😳

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  10. I need to be better about checking my stats. Then again, I’m a little afraid to see who might be visiting. I already have a bunch of weirdos reaching out on Instagram. Even a few on LinkedIn. I don’t want them at my blog, too.

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  11. You inspired me to check my spam folder – all kinds of weirdos there. You’ve been uber productive, Craig – have fun at the fair!

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  12. I’m late and the weekend has past, but it sounds like you’ve got plans moving ahead. And I saw your post today at Story Empire. I love the open question kind of posts, They really make you think. Great job!

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  13. Sounds like you were productive, just not in the ways that you wanted. The fair does sound fun.

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  14. Ooh, I’d miss writing for a fair, too! Enjoy.

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  15. Super productive is right… You’ve definitely earned some fair time next weekend!

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  16. I’m not getting much done over my holiday either, Craig, but I suppose that is what holidays are for.

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  17. Haha! That bit about BUY A BOOK cracked me up! That is so odd, weird search terms. Wild. Your blog is many things, but sexy isn’t one of them. Oh my gosh, is it Lisa? She’s a sexy bot!
    I hope your non-writing weekend was rewarding and enjoyable. I suppose I’ll see you around THIS weekend 🙂

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