A day to write

C. S. Boyack

Today was my chance to get some new words down, so, of course, I started slow. Didn’t get up until after six, tended morning chores, then went through a couple forms of social media. I saved blog reading for this afternoon.

Next, I had a couple of critiques to address. I made a big submission this time, so it took a while to get through them. My story is much improved thanks to these.

After that, it was time to write. My crew landed in a new country (to them) to search for some wayward crew members. One was fairly easy to find, and while the other one was, too, they had to prevent a hanging to do it.

I tend to shorten pieces up, and lately I’ve been resisting this. I find my work is improved by giving a bit more to some of these scenes. It helps increase the word count, but it also eliminates white-room syndrome.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the outcome. They found the people they needed to find, it turned into a fun adventure with a wagon racing through town, and they may have caused an international incident. I’ll have to remember that idea for later in the story.

As a bonus, they may have flicked the nose of the deeper seeded bad guys while doing all this. I have some neat obstacles in place if I choose to go there. I probably will, but then I wind up writing myself into a corner. It can be fun coming up with a creative way of saving everyone from their own misdeeds.

After all of this, I’m due for a scene of James overthinking everything. He tends to do that, and it’s a reasonable way to catch a breath during a pirate adventure. I’ve already introduced a new fantasy creature, but there need to be more of them. It might be too soon to go down that path.

Lanternfish also gained some unexpected new crew members. It’s probably a good thing I have to go back to work. I need time to figure out what to do with them. One is an idiot who thinks it’s a good idea to hit on Serang. Then there are a couple of cons who market fake witchcraft. There has to be something fun to play off of the actual witch doctor who serves as the ship surgeon.

My long change is upon me, and I won’t get another flex day for two weeks. This might not be a bad thing right now.

I surprised myself with the late start, and all the peripheral projects today. My word count is 3600 on the day. I didn’t expect to get 500, but it was just clicking well.

For the next couple weeks, I’ll be daydreaming about new sea monsters, new pirate personalities, and con men. Underneath it all is the thought of an international incident and irritating the cult that is even more scary than warring monarchs.


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38 responses to “A day to write

  1. That’s a fantastic word count! Congrats!

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  2. Nice outing. Sorry you have to wait two weeks for another big round.

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  3. The words really flowed today. Congrats! Sounds like you have plenty to keep your plot and story moving. Enjoy playing with your ideas until you can spill words onto a page again.

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  4. I seem to have to do so much research for my writing, Craig. Even my dystopian novel is requiring heaps of research as I feel it must ring true in light of current technology. I am in awe of your word counts as I rarely reach over 1 500 words in a day.

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  5. That’s a fantastic word count, Craig. Well done. I love that thinking hat! Hope the next two weeks go soothly. Can’t wait to read this next book in the series 🙂

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  6. I agree, that is a great word count. I too have white room syndrome. My descriptions of people tend to be sparse if I create them at all. I am sure you will have two productive weeks, even without having that flex day sooner.

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  7. Great you were able to get so much writing done on top of all the other stuff. Also, the story’s progress sounds fantastic, and I’m looking forward to getting to read it when it’s done and published.

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  8. Looking forward to reading all this, Craig!

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  9. I’m intrigued by the hanging they stopped and the international incident. And most definitely by the moron hitting on Serang. What is he (she?) thinking? You know I’m looking forward to the root monsters, and I’m also excited to see the real vs. fake witch doctor exchanges. That could be fun.

    You’ve got a lot going on. I can only imagine what will occur to you as you ruminate on all of it. Can’t wait!

    And kudos to you on the word count.

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  10. That’s awesome you pulled out a great writing day. And it sounds like you’ve got a lot gong on in the story. I know it will be colorful, intriguing, and fun as always!

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  11. Sounds like this is set to be another high seas adventure for these characters we enjoyed so much in Lanternfish!! Congrats on the progress!

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  12. Super word count, Craig. Good thinking time ahead.

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  13. Great word-smithing, Cap’n! 😀 … monarchs tend to end up being the frontmen for cults.

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  14. Great work (as always) Craig. I’m sure the forced ‘down-time’ will help too, in the long-run. When I’m not actively writing is when I tend to have my best ideas and creative spurts.

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  15. Well good! Sounds like you surprised yourself. I love when it feels like the words fall down out of nowhere.
    I have NEXT Monday off. I am so glad for that extra day 😀

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