Vacation ends

Time to go back to the office tomorrow. I’m regretting not taking the next two days off, but I hate being behind at work, too. My staff has been working, and I’m sure there is a pile awaiting me.

Vacation was filled with obstacles, but I did the best I could. I never did look into promotional blog posts and should have. I don’t need any of them until September, but I like to work ahead. Blogging isn’t like drafting new work, and I could create one every evening if need be.

One of those obstacles was my yardwork, but that is all finished and I’m still married. The peaches are about gone, and they’ll be missed until next year.

My word goal was plucked out of thin air, based upon what I’m capable of. The problem with those kind of projections is assuming there won’t be interruptions. I failed to hit 20K, but I did hit 10,400. Total is at 17. 4 K, so it was a productive vacation.

I month ago, I went on the hunt for a New Orleans phone book to help with character and place names. I’ve never been able to score one. I like this area because of the “melting pot” that city offers. I know not many have land lines, but I don’t want to call them anyway. I only want to browse through names for my fiction.

I failed on NOLA, but I did score this one:

I don’t see why Baton Rouge isn’t just as good, and I put it to good use today. Lanternfish needed some new characters, and this helped me come up with some decent names.

I also worked up a raft of deadly dangerous sea creatures. These are based upon the real world Portuguese Man of War, but they’re a bit different in my fantasy world.

I had to leave Lanternfish at sea, but they are approaching a nearby port in hopes of finding one of two people who can serve as sailing master.

My next flex day is Monday, so I should score some writing time this weekend. After that, it may be two weeks before I can tackle it again.


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34 responses to “Vacation ends

  1. Cunning method for character and placement names. There’s an old school feel to that.

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  2. I like your idea of the NOLA (Baton Rouge too) phone book. Will give some authentic names, I’m sure, Your word count of 10,400 sounds terrific.

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  3. That to me is a productive vacation. I didn’t know they still had a phone book. Great resource.

    Bummer you have to work.

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    • I played hell trying to get one outside Boise. I’ve been to NOLA twice and intended to score one each time. Fun got the better of me and I never did. Boise has some diversity, but they’re mostly younger people. The kind who aren’t likely to have a land line. Figured I ought to get something before they go completely away.

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  4. If you need to promote come Sept., you can guest on my blog if you want. Either a writing piece or excerpt if you prefer.

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  5. I know I used the yellow pages in the early part of the 21st century but not the white pages because I had a PDA plus a little spiral notebook.

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  6. When you set lofty goals and don’t reach them, you’ve still done a heck of a lot. Kudos. Hope the transition back to work goes smoothly.

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  7. Even if you have to work, your brain will be playing with Lanternfish ideas, so when you finally get time to tap out words, you’ll be ready. Love the phone book idea.

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  8. You should be proud of your accomplishments; not just the writing but also the yardwork and subsequent pleasing of Mrs Craig 🙂

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  9. Well one, Craig, on your vacation achievements. I always get more done when I am working as there is structure to my day and I can plan.

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  10. You got a lot done on your vacay, Craig. And I’m mighty glad you got rid of the tree and stayed married, lol! Good luck back at work. Love your idea of getting hold of a phone book for character names 🙂

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  11. I think that’s a great word count. Especially considering the fact you needed to deal with the tree and such too. I know it’s not as much as you’d hoped, but still.

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  12. You still accomplished a lot and you should be proud. Good luck with going back to the office today.

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  13. You knocked out a ton of word count and were highly productive. That’s all that matters. I know it’s rough going back to work after vacation, Hoping today is going smoothly for you (or as smooth as can be when you return to a backlog).

    I can’t wait to see some of the new names you’ve come up with for the crew, and you know how I love creatures 🙂

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  14. Maybe you didn’t hit the word count you wanted, but it’s still nothing to sneeze at. The phone book is a great idea. When I’m stumped for names, I borrow from characters in movies or books. A detective in The Gemini Connection is named after Harrison Ford’s character in Blade Runner.

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  15. So often, I realize I could have time off work, to take in the fair or paint my bathroom, or any number of things. My bosses are good with that. However, when I come back after something as brief as a dr’s appointment, I feel like I have missed 8 hours of work vs 2. 😦 😦 😦
    Glad you got a phone book.
    I’ll miss stone fruits as soon as their gone, so I can only imagine how you feel. We have apple trees. While the apples only fruit in the fall, apples are available all year long. I should grow cherries. Truly. Maybe one day I will.

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