Today wound up being a good writing day. Otto got me up around six this morning. I took the time for breakfast, feeding the dogs, surfing my social media. My typical morning.

I read back through what I wrote the other day, then forged ahead. My MO is to rush forward and get to the action. My better stories come across when I take my time. Part of my rush is why I come up with short word counts. Having a large cast really helps on these, too.

Part of me worries about making the intro boring, but I don’t think that’s the case here. I threw in a few fun things, you know a killing and dumping of the body, a man hunt by the root monsters, cracking open a tomb, that kind of thing.

Now that we’re underway, they sailed right into a fight. Their enemies were watching for them to leave the secure port, and sprung a trap. (It didn’t work out well for them.) It feels good to be back at sea with these guys.

Be right back… HMS Lanternfish is at 14,600 words now. It’s a nice start. I lament losing all that time, and tomorrow more than most, but Wednesday is looking good for moving ahead even more.

Tomorrow, Old What’s Her Face is off, so I’m going to the dump with my peach branches. There may be a few more errands in store and that’s okay. The day is pretty much shot anyway.

About a month ago, we decided to plant a zucchini in one of our old pots from the porch. Today, I cut these.

I’m sure we’ll be drowning in zucchini at some point, but it’s kind of fun. I like the idea of not giving up any of our yard and using a pot.


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50 responses to “Finally!!!

  1. The zucchini looks great. It’s one of my favorite veggies. Glad you got so much done!

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  2. All of our plants are container grown and I’ve found they do quite well- as long as I remember to water! lol
    Congrats on the writing, it feels great when the ideas are flowing 🙂

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  3. I’m intrigued by your fine zucchini from a pot. I may go there… I like to minimize and separate the ‘vining’ things.
    I’m glad you got some writing in and even more that you enjoyed it.

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  4. Yay! Congrats on pounding out so many words. I’ve been fiddling a while with mine and I’m up to 19,000 words. Good for me. It’s my usual rate. I plod along, but I get there. And your zucchini look great!

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  5. Well the story sounds fun and the zucchini look great 💜

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  6. You surely had a good day, Craig. The zucchini look so good!

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  7. I I I I, when is it coming – sounds awesome.

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  8. Congrats on the progress. Haven’t really had zucchini before. How is it different than cucumbers?

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    • They are completely different. While all melons and squash are distantly related, the little sub groups are vastly different. These are summer squash. There are a million ways to cook them and you ought to give them a try. Even fried up in a pan, drizzled with olive oil and salt makes a great vegetable. My wife makes these little scrambled egg/zucchini patties that are awesome.


  9. Sounds like a successful day, Craig. Good luck with that peach tree 🙂

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  10. I love zucchini – there are so many things you can do with it. Glad you had a productive day.

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  11. I had no idea you could grow zucchini in a pot. I may have to try that next year. It’s one of my favorite veggies. They look awesome.

    Congrats on the fab word count and on setting sail with the crew. I know that has to be a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

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  12. The only thing I seem to be able to grow is basil. And weeds. Looking forward to the root monster manhunt!

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  13. I’m glad Lanternfish is coming along. I can’t wait to read about those characters again.

    I tried planting in a pot. The weeds grew great, the plant, well let’s just say I will be shopping at the store.

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  14. Glad it was a good and productive day for you.

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  15. Congrats on the day. I like the idea of getting veggies out of a pot. Have a great week.

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  16. Bon voyage, Lanternfish!

    It’s funny, how summer squash are one of the easiest things to grow, but many people don’t like them. (Suggestion: butter and garlic make anything taste great!) Also, your local food bank will probably take donations if you end up with too many.

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  17. “I threw in a few fun things, you know a killing and dumping of the body, a man hunt by the root monsters, cracking open a tomb, that kind of thing.” – only a writer can get away saying stuff like this!!
    Mm, those zucchinis look darn good. I love em diced with tomato, onion and pan fried with salt and pepper. Yummo.

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  18. Congrats on the word count, Craig!! The Zucchini are beautiful! One of my favorite vegies!

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