The day I gave completely up

This may sound kind of spoiled to a few of you, but it’s a slice of the author life. My prime writing time has always been mornings. This applies to all endeavors in life. If you want me at my best, catch me early. This works at the paycheck job and everywhere else.

My tree trimming insists on getting done in the morning. This is a matter of necessity, because of the heat. You can see this shaping up to be a struggle.

I got up early and tackled HMS Lanternfish. It’s now over 11,000 words and growing. Today was never going to be a super productive one, because I talk to my parents every Sunday. After that, I tackled the tree… again.

With my brand new blade on the Sawsall, I sallied forth. Thirty minutes later, I’d managed to cut one branch about the size of a half-dollar. What the hell! My goal was to chunk these up into manageable sizes, removing weight until I reached the break. This way the final cut wouldn’t cause more damage.

I gave up on plan A, and tackled the big cut. This thing was smoking before I finally managed the cut, and there is still one more to do. Some minor branches got broken in the big event, so I got out the ladder and a hand saw. It seemed to work faster than the damned electronic thing did. While I was up there, I salvaged some nice high fruit.

Old What’s Her Face came home from work and helped me load my truck. I was nearly there… until she said, “The dump is closed today. You can just do it tomorrow.” That’s when I lost it. I’ve given up my morning every single day of this vacation for this stupid project. Now I have to give up even more time to finish it.

She reminded me that she’s off Tuesday, which isn’t ideal for my productivity. I wanted to go through the roof, but resisted. Essentially, I lost Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I don’t begrudge her a day off, it’s just the way things happen. I decided the damned residue could sit in my truck until Tuesday, and I’d haul it off then.

If you remember the heat, my garage smells like peach schnapps now, and I don’t care. I’ll deal with it Tuesday, but I’m going to do my thing – for me – tomorrow. (And I’m going to drink tonight. The hard stuff.)


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48 responses to “The day I gave completely up

  1. Felled by a peach tree. 🙂 Took me all morning to mow one small lawn yesterday; I feel for you.

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  2. I feel for you! I’ve had so many “writing days” gone wrong that it’s just plain frustrating. But you’ll get there. And enjoy the hard stuff!

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  3. Watch out for the undertow in that whiskey river.

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  4. Work is good. Marriage is good. Home life pisses me off every damn day. My schedule? Wrecked. Manage anger by working out, avoid being home, let alone in this room, and tell anyone who will listen.
    I’ve given up enough. Pass the hard stuff!

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  5. Follow the wise path of J. Wellington Wimpy. Put it off until Tuesday. 😁

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  6. You’re overworked, Craig. Too bad everything, everyone wants your morning. Somebody then must tell the heat to go away so the morning is longer.

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  7. I hope you enjoyed your drink, Craig. No one deserves it more! I’m sure the peach tree loves all the attention too…

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  8. I’d do the same. Also, well done on not actually losing it, despite being close. Hope you actually get your writing time Monday.

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  9. Sometimes, we just have to retreat in order to advance … sorry you had such a tough time, Craig.

    … Now I’m having visions of you going out on Tuesday to shift the tree debris only to find the peach tree sitting smugly out there pristine and new and grinning at you from the garden….

    there’s a book in there! made from a peach tree 🙂

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  10. Sorry about the lost days, Craig. The best laid plans and all that. At least peach schnapps isn’t a bad smell – our garage has smelled much worse.

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  11. My college campus had a bunch of fruit trees, and every fall, when the fruit fell and started to rot, we got that cloying alcohol smell all across the Cut. I suspect that’s what your garage smells like. Just imagining that is bringing back memories for me.

    I hope you get the day you hope for.

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  12. “Free firewood, will deliver…”

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  13. Right about now that peach tree is sounding like it could pass for a monster in one of my books!

    It’s frustrating to lose planned writing time. I’ve had that happen more times than I can remember, but it never makes it go down any easier. I’m late in replying, but I’m hoping you’ve managed to use today as you planned, without interruptions!

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  14. Well, even the best plans can have a twist. At least you had some productivity.

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  15. Have you ever tried making Peach brandy? Might be a good time to try.:) At least you don’t give up. And that’s what makes you a terrific author!

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