Small updates

I still have tool problems, but those are all solved tonight. This is my way of saying I’ll have to finish my tree pruning tomorrow. At least everything is in order now, and I should make short work of the remainder. Even have a fresh saw blade now.

I spent some serious time with the Lanternfish project. Beginnings are always tough, and this one is tougher because it’s the second book in a trilogy. In reality, it takes time to stock a ship and man her. In fiction, I could just glance off that and set sail. I think a better option for me is to merge some of this. It comes across a bit more realistically, but they’ll get moving in a better time frame.

To keep things interesting, there are some root monster antics. While the pirates are making ready, the monsters have some assignments to deal with. This is going to force me to tone them down for a spell later on. I believe the little guys are better in small doses. It’s the “leave ’em wanting more” theory in action.

As soon as we hit the open sea, I have a fantasy creature I’m going to weave in. This will also serve as a bit of foreshadowing, so bonus there. There is also going to be an enemy waiting for them, so I can get right to some adventure after taking time to get underway.

It came in at about 3500 words today. Since there were no new words yesterday, I’m behind on my target of 20,000 words during my vacation.

I also read that book I’ve been getting to. I gave The Scout: Dark Crossings, by D. L. Cross five stars. D. L. Cross is actually Staci Troilo. This is a short story that stands alone in her Invasion series. I’ve read the first novel too, and loved it.

My suggestion is to read The Scout. It only takes a half-hour or so, and I think you’ll like it. If you like it, there is a whole series in this setting. I’ll be reading the whole thing.

Tomorrow is the day I call my parents, so some of my morning will be dedicated to that. Pruning trees will fit in well with that timetable. I don’t know if I can check in with Lanternfish, but it could happen.

I always want more, but my task-list is getting checked off a bit here and there.


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36 responses to “Small updates

  1. Tree pruning sounds like a tiring job.

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  2. Good luck with the tree pruning! And manning the ship!

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  3. Sounds like a good day. Hope you gave yourself a reward.

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  4. I’m sorry you’re behind in word count, glad you’re making progress with your tree chore, and delighted you enjoyed the story. Thanks for saying so.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  5. Good luck with the pruning. Sounds like you’re writing a fun adventure.

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  7. That terrible to-do list gets in the way of writing every time! All the best.

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  8. Checking things off your task list is always a good thing. Well done on fitting reading and writing time in there too. Also, that’s a pretty good word count. Maybe not what you hoped for, but still.

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  9. First chapters always take me longer to write. And I usually have to go back and fiddle them with again. So setting sail sounds like good progress to me. I read The Scout and The Gate, too. Really enjoy this series.

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    • This story is a neat exercise. I can’t assume every reader will be familiar with all the characters, so I have to glance off some of them. This is taking a bit of time, but it feels like the right thing to do.


  10. Sounds like a reasonable weekend, Craig. I saw your review for The Scout on BookBub. I finished it last night.

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  11. D.L. Finn, Author

    I’m excited to the root monsters are right there in the beginning. I just finished The Scout, but won’t be able to review it for a couple of days. I agree its a good one and a solid five-star read. Happy tree cutting!

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  12. I admire your steadfast determination. Send a bit my way, eh?

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  13. It’s hard to meet those word goals when there is so much on the non-writing to-do list. You’ll get there. You have plenty of vision for Lanternfish!

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  14. I stopped planning years ago. I never seem to stick with them anyway. Honestly, i am more productive at strange times than when I try to adhere to any type of schedule. I can’t wait for the next Lanternfish.

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  15. I think her story will be quite entertaining.

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  16. Progress! I’m glad the tree is almost finished. I have “The Scout” on my Kindle and will hurry it up the list! Great to hear that you’ve started on the second Lanternfish book! You are right about the root monsters. Good luck!

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