B. W. I.

Okay, not particularly intoxicated, but well lubricated. What does an author blog about when he isn’t writing? Stuff like this.

When we walked into Old Chicago at the Boise Town Square Mall, the Blood Mobile was parked out front.

Old What’s Her Face asked, “Do you want to donate, dear?”

I said, “Yes, but I want to donate from that guy over there. Grab him.”

You probably had to be there, but we had a good laugh.

They actually had a Belgian beer on tap tonight, and those are kind of hard to come by. I had two. I had two different ones as well.

Supper was mediocre at best, but I got to actually watch a Diamondbacks game on their televisions, and they actually won. (A rare thing these days.)

My pizza was one of those with so much sauce the toppings all slid into my lap. Otherwise it was wonderful, but it wasn’t what I’ve become accustomed to at OC.

Old What’s Her Face went for a pedicure while I watched the game and swilled good beer. She has her thing, and I have mine.

I’m not going to get to write this weekend, but I did work on a blog post for Story Empire. It’s all scheduled now. If you enjoy the Expansion Pack series, there is another one up on Wednesday.

My daughter made a surprise visit this weekend, and we had a nice chat. She even offered to cut Dad’s hair, and I couldn’t pass that up. She really does a good job.

While this isn’t a writing weekend, I have some vacation time scheduled. I’m milking the flex schedule, and by taking two ten-hour days off, I actually get six days off in a row. It all starts next Friday. My hope is to give Lanternfish a good launch.

Aside from that, I need to work on some blog tour posts for Viral Blues. The release will be upon me before I know it. I want to do a tour of favorite sites, but I may get a mutual promo tour with some friends going, too. I’m kind of excited about that. We all draw some people and the crowd is bigger because of that. Maybe one of their regulars will be interested in my release, and maybe one of mine will be interested in theirs. More on that later.

We have some home improvement stuff to deal with tomorrow and I’m dreading it. I’m not a tool guy, and not particularly handy in that department. I’ve replaced the kitchen faucet before, but I really don’t think my back is up to it these days. I’ll update on this later. It will either be a successful replacement, or a trip to the hospital. Either way I get a blog post.

On another note, my side project is moving along well. I’m in the mucky middle, but about to move out of it. I’m finding that a side project might not move as fast as the targeted book, but it doubles my productivity.

That’s it, B. W. I. How did I do?


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34 responses to “B. W. I.

  1. Nicely done. Took me a while to figure out what BWI meant.

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  2. Reblogged this on Archer's Aim and commented:
    Good to see someone’s projects moving along. Could some fun and progress.

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  3. We could use some time out, but after the editing is done.
    My brain refuses to understand what BWI means…

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  4. You did great.

    Glad things are moving along with the projects. Good luck with the DIY stuff.

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  5. I found it rather sober for BWI, so that’s good.
    Belgian beers are always here, everywhere, so that strikes me as odd. Midwestern perk?
    I hope your home improvement project goes well, not that I don’t love to read the follies.

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  6. Sounds like a great night out and glad your team won. And a daughter’s visit is always a treat. Six days off in a row is coming at a great time. Hope you get a lot done.

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  7. Not bad, Craig, you didn’t even make spelling mistakes or skip words and you didn’t comment on Donald Trump [either way] so you did good kid.

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  8. D.L. Finn, Author

    You did great. Nice you could get out and enjoy some beer and baseball. I try to watch my As when I can. Enjoy your family time and week!

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  9. A successful job or trip to the hospital. That’s one way of looking at it. I’m also taking some vacation days next week. Doubt I’ll get a lot of writing done because John is also off. But the rest will be nice.

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  10. Your Diamondbacks are doing better than my Pirates. We’re in dead last place.

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  11. Six days off in a row is premium. Enjoy and happy writing.
    Nice chatty blog, BWI and all.
    P.S….in my area BWI is common for Baltimore Washington International Airport. It took me a while to get that association out of my head!

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  12. I love the blog idea of new faucet or trip to the hospital. Some good fodder for the blog. Time off sounds great. I hope the writing Gods treat you well.

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  13. Six days off – nice. Hope you get some writing done!

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  14. Sounds like you’ve got some great personal days ahead! Good luck with all your endeavors. Sounds like a good weekend!

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