Some Lanternfish love

I just discovered this awesome review of Voyage of the Lanternfish. I’m currently working on a sequel called HMS Lanternfish, so now is a great time to join the crew and come along.

My Review:

I bought and read this book back in January and somehow managed to forget to review it until now, six months later, lol. So, here my review is, at last. It says a lot that even after all this time, I still remember this book and its characters clearly, which is one reason I mention my little episode of forgetfulness now.

I’ve read other books by this author and love his easy style, sense of humour, and vivid imagination. He has a way with words. And Voyage of the Lanternfish certainly didn’t disappoint. Read the rest of the review


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33 responses to “Some Lanternfish love

  1. Loved Voyage of the Lanternfish. Off to read the review now…

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  2. Fantastic book, Craig 😊

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  3. Oh, and sorry for the …. SLIGHT delay! 🤣

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  4. Yay! Congrats! Off to read the review 🙂

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  5. Great review, Craig. It’s nice to see Lanternfish in port again!

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  6. Another great review, Craig. I enjoyed Lanternfish, and cannot wait for the release of the next one.

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  7. “I, I, I, Captain!” This was fabulous, Craig. Congratulations. 😀

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  8. A great review, Criag, congratulations!

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  9. Having recently ventured into your books, Craig, I can attest to the sense of humor and vivid imagination. Great review. It sounds like another one to add to my list. 🙂

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  10. Off to a great start!

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  11. Fantastic review! I’m glad to see Lanternfish still getting some love! Great story!

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  13. Can’t wait for the sequel!

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