Today was my flex day. This is usually the time I can get my word count up, but it just didn’t work out that way. Most of this is a personality flaw, and I readily admit that.

My errand for the day was to go to the bank and make a deposit. I got up at 5:00, and the bank opens at 9:00. What do you think I did for all that time in between? Nothing even remotely productive. Nada, zero.

I checked email, social media, read some blogs. Never even tried to write. See, I have to multi-task at my paycheck job. On my time, I’m damned well going to have things my way. I’d rather fail completely than have an interruption during the process. There probably aren’t many of you who understand, but that’s who I am. I could have hacked out a couple thousand words in that time, but I’m not exactly hurting for word count in 2019. If I don’t write another word all year, it’s already a record year for me.

When I got home, I sent off everything to my formatter. My goal is to have everything perfect for a mid September release of Viral Blues. Sean is still working on some promotional posters, and it’s looking pretty good timing wise.

If I’m ready early, I might even consider a pre-order situation. I’ve done them in the past with mixed results. Does anyone have any current data on whether they provide an advantage? Amazon is a moving target, and what worked yesterday might not work today.

After I took care of all that, did I write? Nope. Because I’ve already burned a major portion of the day, and what remained wasn’t worth it to me.

Sadly, the way the flex schedule works is that my day next week is Friday. That’s a long stretch between days, and I’ll have to lament this lost day for two weeks now.

I spent some time on Pinterest, and got one of those weird suggestions that turns into a rabbit trail. It’s called Bad Taxidermy. Nobody else will probably understand, but I laughed so hard tears flowed down my cheeks. Frankie the bulldog jumped in my lap and was worried for me. She probably should be, but not because I was in distress. I won’t share any images here, first because you might not be as strange as I am, and second because they are someone else’s property.

Back to work tomorrow, where I will probably be multi-tasking, but they pay me do to so.

Right now, I have a hankering for a fresh peach, but it will probably be another day or two. These never seem to be ready on my day off either.


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38 responses to “Ugh!

  1. Sorry the day didn’t work out. That’s a heavy load of peaches.

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  2. Sounds like you had a Monday! Some days we need a break. And I know what you mean about multi-tasking.

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  3. I don’t know. Sounds pretty interesting to me.

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  4. I’m jealous. My peach tree is small and the birds get all our fruit before they’re ripe.

    I completely understand the way you spent your day. I’m the same way with my time. It sucks that your next day is next Friday, but doing it your way is important, even if the day is unproductive.

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  5. I was in the grocery store on Saturday hoping to find some nice juicy summer peaches Unfortunately, they all looked rock hard. I’m bummed that I may have missed peach season this year.

    I have every Friday off and anticipate getting a lot done with my writing or catching up with writing blog posts and it never seems to happen. You are kicking butt this year so I wouldn’t be bothered by the passage of a flex day that you did your way. Old Blue Eyes would be proud.

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  6. I’m shocked. You didn’t get any writing done? Shrug. Still sounds like you had a good day. I thought I’d write all day on Sunday, but I played with everything on my computer instead. And I’m glad!

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  7. Sorry your writing didn’t work out, but it sounds like quite the day, Craig. I’m jealous of the peaches but not of the work, lol. Have a good week 🙂

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  8. All those lovely peaches! I have a peach tree now but at just 6 inches tall, I have a ways to go for any peaches!

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  9. I’ve had those days myself, perfectly normal. Creativity takes energy and sometime the brain just gets tired. I’ve been caught by the social media snare myself more than a few times. Keep going, my friend, and you’ll reach your goals. Me, I’m going to the store for some peaches. 🙂

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  10. Sometimes you just need a day like that, Craig. Those peaches look amazing.

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  11. The peaches do look amazing, Craig. I always write in between other things. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t write at all.

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  12. I totally agree with your attitude, Craig. Your time at home should be spent how YOU want to spend it! You did alright and the peaches sound amazing!! My mouth is watering!

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  13. I have LMAOed at Bad Taxidermy, too! If you ever wanna waste more time laughing (is it possible?) check out Cake Wrecks and English Whirled Wide 😛
    I do what I want when I can, too. It’s called leisure!

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  15. You are cruising along with all of your projects. This lost flex day didn’t hurt you at all. I understand not wanting to multi-task on your off day. We all need that break at some point.

    I have no fruit trees, but I do plant tomatoes. This was not a good year for me. And I love a fresh tomato with salt and pepper. Nothing beats that home grown taste.

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