Sunday update

My parents were here this weekend, and I was about ready for a small writing break. It’s in my nature to lament every lost day, but I’ve hit it pretty hard this year. We tried a new franchise restaurant called the Longhorn, and I have a hunch it will go on our regular rotation.

Aside from visits and dinner out, I didn’t get much done. I dedicated a small amount of time to critiques I received back on HMS Lanternfish. I messed up a lot of things here, but getting one of my own characters misnamed is a new one on me. Truthfully, she is a peripheral character, and … I have no idea. Thank God for sharper eyes than my own.

I’m all set up to write tomorrow, because it’s my flex day. This isn’t going to work out well, because I have to drive to the bank and make a deposit. This might sound like general whining, but there isn’t a bank in my small town. I need to get this done, so I can pay my formatter. After that, I’ll dedicate some time to sending out the manuscript and all the graphics that go in Viral Blues.

I have to keep moving things forward to hit my release schedule. Things like HMS Lanternfish aren’t even on the release radar yet. Once Viral Blues is in hand, then I’ll focus on Serang. I’ll have to get a bunch of blog tour posts ready, too.

Tonight, I may turn my attention to my next Story Empire post. Or, I could get distracted by a cowboy or pirate movie, or Jurassic Park, or aliens of some kind, or Hobbits. I’m not picky, and that’s part of the problem.

Tomorrow is a crap shoot. I may work on my story, or I could dedicate time to the peripheral projects. Depends upon how the day shakes out.


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33 responses to “Sunday update

  1. Sometimes those days that are more or less up in the air when you’re not sure what to focus on can turn out to be the mot productive. I honestly don’t know how you juggle so many different writing projects at the same time, but you clearly have a gift for it. Onward!

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  2. You always are further ahead than most I know with the number of books put out a year.

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  3. Hope you have a productive day.

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  4. I can’t tell you how excited I was when my bank started accepted digital deposits of print checks (just take a picture in the bank’s app and voila! You’re done!). My daughter’s had been doing it for quite a while and finally, mine caught up. You might check, see if yours does? Trips to the bank sound small but they’re always stressful.

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  5. Glad you had a good time with your parents. And good luck with whatever you focus on tomorrow. It all needs done, so peripheral projects are still accomplishments.

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  6. I will envy you your flex time. But I won’t envy you driving out of town to bank.
    I’m glad you’re getting so much done.

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  7. Those Hobbits are always causing trouble.

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  8. Have a great writing day today, Craig 🙂

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  9. I see my family so infrequently, I treasure that time together and don’t worry about work at all. (But I worry double when the visit is over.) Glad you enjoyed your time with them.

    When we lived in Ohio, Longhorn was our favorite chain restaurant to go to. I don’t think I ever had a bad meal there.

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  10. We all have those days. I never get as much done on my flex day as I plan. It’s always nice to stray from my plan, but then I pay for it.

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  11. If it’s a Longhorn Barbecue, we have those here. The food is pretty good! Just not a very broad menu. You get ribs and potato salad and that’s about it. But they’re good ribs, though.

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  12. Glad you had a good visit with your parents – and found a new restaurant, too!

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  13. D.L. Finn, Author

    I hate when I have to leave the house on a day I want to write! Have a great week.

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  14. Well, I’m only a day behind in visiting. I agree with Mae. I don’t know how you juggle so many writing projects at the same time. I can do several short stories at once, but more than one novel? No this girl! And since it’s Monday evening, I hope you had a productive writing day.

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