Writing on my flex day

It may sound like work, but don’t buy into that. I write for relaxation, and I got plenty in today.

I planned on hitting it hard because I have company coming this weekend. This time, I don’t even regret losing the writing time. Sometimes it’s nice to get out of the house and do something else.

This morning started like every other one. I intended to sleep in, but at 5:00 my bladder reminded me that it was still present. Since the dogs are used to getting up at 4:30 they wanted breakfast. — of to the races.

Coffee and food later, and I did my social media surfing. Everything except for blogs. Those take longer, so I held them for early afternoon.

I opened a new document and started writing. A mysterious ship named the Blackwall sailed into the harbor at Tusconi searching for the owner of the largely abandoned Lanternfish.

It took me some effort to put together the gap in time for my characters and reveal bits about this period of their lives. A big part of it involved moving the pieces around to deal with Bonnie Philson, now Cuttler.

James spent an entire novel rescuing her, and I can’t just abandon her to start this yarn at sea. She also doesn’t fit the mold as a pirate, so it took some effort.

I still haven’t hit all the characters yet, and only mentioned a few of them without any page time. This is a large cast, so I can’t just shove them all in the first chapter. Character soup is something I can’t stand. Besides, in theory someone could start here without reading Voyage of the Lanternfish. They deserve to get walked in.

I ended the day at just shy of 7000 words. That’s a good day for me, and while I have hit higher marks, I haven’t done it many times.

It occurred to me that because of this book, which I am calling HMS Lanternfish, I am currently working on four different books right now.

I received my corny graphics for Viral Blues, and manipulated them into the manuscript. Since this is a sequel to The Hat, I wanted to keep the same style.

I made cover sheets for Serang and Viral Blues last weekend, plus, I have one I’m dabbling with that I haven’t even mentioned in public yet.

The main focus for 2019 has always been subsequent titles. My group convinced me to try series work, so that’s where I’m going. Lanternfish will be a trilogy eventually, with Serang as a supporting tale. Lizzie and The Hat will be an ongoing series that won’t have prerequisite stories before you can enjoy them.

Me, being me, I can’t just give up on stand alone titles. The one I’m dabbling with is a bit of science fiction. I learned I can draft more than one story at a time if they are different enough. Somewhere between Lanternfish and science fiction they ought to be different enough. The advantage is that when the well runs dry on one story, the other one lets me get new words down.

I still have to figure out blog tour posts and get all of that moving. My target is to have Viral Blues out in time for the Halloween season.

Look over yonder, in the sidebar.

If you haven’t picked up Voyage of the Lanternfish, it makes for a great summer book. There will be more coming, so those of you who want to explore more of this world can do that.


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38 responses to “Writing on my flex day

  1. I am in awe of your ability to write so many stories at once. My mind isn’t wired that way, but there are plenty of times I wish it was.

    The fall promises some very tasty reading.

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    • It might be a slight misrepresentation depending upon how you interpret writing. Making cover pages and such isn’t like drafting new material. Two vastly different stories seems to work though. Rather than hammer through 400 words on one where I’m stuck, I might get 4000 on the other one.

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  2. I never work on more than one at a time, so you’re doing amazing things.

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  3. Seven thousand is a fabulous word count. Kudos!

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  4. Very impressive juggling. 🙂

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  5. I still don’t know how you do two at the same time. Impressive

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  6. I would love to have concentration to write like this. You’re building an amazing skill.

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  7. 7000 words sounds like a great flex day to me! You got a lot done. Always a good feeling. Enjoy your upcoming weekend.

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  8. Good! I like to play at work and work at play, too. Productivity pleases me!

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  9. Good work, Craig! I find myself writing a couple short stories, and have two books in various forms, and a novella waiting for the third draft. I’ve been more productive since I’ve recovered from my surgeries.

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  10. Well done, Craig. You are an inspiration. I have written 9 short stories this year and am also now working on a trilogy but in the dystopian world theme. Working on four books at once would be a struggle for me as I get very involved in the one and can’t focus on anything else.

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  11. Wow, impressive word count and juggling. Well done, Craig. Sounds like an awesome day. 🙂

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  12. You never cease to impress, Craig…

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  13. Four titles at one – I can barely manage one. Hats off to you, Craig – and also because of the 7K words.

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  14. I would say that I’m never able to work on more than one story, but actually I have. I would do two chapters of a novel and then switch over to fan fiction for a club I was in.

    They say you should try to release something every three months, so it looks like you might be set for 2020!

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  15. IGlad you had such a wonderfully productive day.

    I almost always work on at least two stories at once, and will be writing poetry in there somewhere too.

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  16. You shame me with your prolific writing – I am a plodder. Reading Lanternfish but can’t wait for the Hat sequel.

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  17. I wish I could be as disciplined as you are. I have several projects started, yet I keep thinking of new ones and start those. My mind thinks differently than anyone I know.

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