Not bad progress

I get up fairly early most mornings. I either have to pee, Otto want’s his breakfast, or something. Today it was my back. It’s gets aching, so I just get up.

I managed the read-through of Serang, and I wouldn’t be afraid to show it to the general public at this time. I’ll probably read it again a few times before I publish, but it’s in fair shape right now.

I also did the word searches for The Viral Blues. It seems like there are always a few its/it’s errors that jump out. Because this one involves Lizzie and the hat, I want to include a few of the little graphics like the first book. I’ll have to scan through it and see what I can recycle vs what I have to order.

I sent out a submission to my critique group on friday night, and already have one response back. That’s pretty fast by my book. I’ll park it until I have all of them back, but might get to work on it next week. Possibly on July 4th.

Beyond that, we managed date night at Old Chicago. Had some pizza and nice craft beer. We stopped by the old Boise Co-op, but they don’t have the items I usually get there anymore. It was a special kind of tea and some lip balm I like. Lip balm isn’t that important, and pretty much anything will work. If I really want it, I can probably get the tea from Amazon.

It doesn’t sound like a lot, but crossing off Serang is a big deal.

The Viral Blues is shorter than I wanted, but I’ve decided not to make it another 99¢ title. There is a real story there, and I have enough entry points to my work. This may wind up hurting me, but like the old song says, “Nothin’ from nothin’ leaves nothin’.”

While daydreaming about the next “Hat” story, I found a new band. They call themselves Relax Trio. They sound nothing like their name indicates and play an ancient type of rockabilly music. I was drawn to it by the woman who plays the upright bass.

Then I started yet another pin board. I got glimpses of a story from a dream, but not enough to rough something out. This one would have to be post-apocalyptic in nature. If you’re of a mind this is the board:

Maybe this one is tied into the person I dreamed up that was scrounging among some old crashed space ships. If there is anything of merit there it will come to me eventually.

I don’t consider searching for music or scanning Pinterest to be goofing off. My boards are becoming a nice resource for fiction. Lizzie and the hat play this kind of music, so that helps too.

In my mind, it was a productive day. Tomorrow I’ll call my parents and check in with them. I may just bag all the projects and spend the rest of the time reading.

Hope you guys are having a good weekend too.


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32 responses to “Not bad progress

  1. Good weekend here 🙂 Bit quick, I think, but then, that seems par for the course of a week. I like that middle of the week day off we’ll have, time with the fam.
    Reaching a point where you feel you could share is good progress.
    Don’t undersell yourself, agreed.
    We had date night Thursday, which sounds odd, but it was nice and less crowded than Fridays are.

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    • I spent all last week thinking I was off on Monday. I lose the flex schedule on holiday weeks. It messed with my plans a bit, but I can’t get too worked up in the summer. Everything slows down for authors in the summer. Sometimes between my flex days and Old What’s Her Face’s hospital shifts we get an odd date night too. They are kind of nice. Easy to get into places.

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  2. Sounds like a very productive time to me. Always nice to finish a project and shorten the ‘to do’ list.

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  3. Glad your day was so productive. Research of any kind is never goofing off in my opinion, regardless of the form it takes, and whether it’s for a current or future project.

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  4. Spending the weekend catching up. Long overdue, so I can feel a little smugness creeping in as I cross things off my list!

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  5. Accomplishment is a good thing. Fun to see a project complete.

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  6. Great accomplishment to be finishing up Serang, loved the Kung Fu fighting song, and I found the Apocalyptic Fashion board fascinating. Great post, Craig, and congratulations.

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  7. What a great idea for Pinterest! I’ve only used it for content writing jobs and like your use better.

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  8. Happy to hear that Serang is ready to go, as is. Your Pinterest board is really interesting. I can see how it would help with descriptions. Hope you had a nice Sunday.

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  9. How exciting to have Serang’s story finished. I know this is one I’ll enjoy reading! I like the new band you discovered. What a paradox of a name they chose. 🙂

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  10. D.L. Finn, Author

    Sounds like a fantastic writing day:) Looking forward to Serang!

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  11. The board looks great. And it sounds like you got a lot done.

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  12. I had no idea there was such a thing as apocalyptic fashion. It’s like steampunk, exploding past the writing genre into other realms!

    You made great progress and still had time for a fun date night. That’s always a great weekend. Ours was HOT, so I spent most of it in the pool with a book (actually two). I need to get back to editing. I have one final short to go and then I can start concentrating on my WIP again….although the pool is horribly distracting this time of year.

    Congrats on all the progress you’ve been making. Your creative brain is never at rest!

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    • Film seems to cover this fashion to a degree. Things like Mad Max, but maybe not quite that weird. The internet was pretty quiet this weekend. You’ve waited a long time to enjoy the pool this year, so I’m glad you got the chance.

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  13. Sounds like a winner to me, Craig. Always good to feel like something is accomplished. Hope your back is feeling better. 🙂

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  14. Happy 4th of July, Craig. As far as I can tell, only US residents have the option to buy books at the discounted rate. I always have to pay the full price even if it says 99 cents on Amazon US. I always get charged more. Interesting.

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