Worst campout ever???

We didn’t get out of town until about 10:00. We needed food, so that’s what caused the delay.

By the time we got up here, we went straight to our favorite campground. We followed a guy in. He got the last spot, and we were out.

Old What’s Her Face wanted to search for new places to camp, which sounds good on the surface. The problem is the McCall area is the most popular area in the state, and while it is pretty much the next place, it isn’t right next door.

There is one other thing she doesn’t seem to grasp. Forest Service roads are not built with the idea of turning around with a trailer in tow.

We wound up on a mountain road that climbed and climbed, and got increasingly narrow. There is a place up there, because I have USFS maps. However, we found a slide area and spotted some photographers ahead of us.

I made my wife walk ahead to see what the situation was. A truck was coming back our way. He said we could navigate the slide, but not the snowdrift beyond. This was looking like several miles of backing the camper down a narrow road an hoping nobody was behind us. (Side mirrors are great, but the rear window is full of camper as is the backup camera.)

I grew up in four-wheel-drive, so that doesn’t spook me, but campers aren’t built for this. I took my time and picked through the rocks, twice actually.

Turns out we were nearly at a scenic area and the Forest Circus made a turnout. This was on the edge of an 800 foot vertical drop off with white water at the bottom.

After some butt clenching to the seats, we got aimed back the other way. Our only choice was to go home. It was too late to chance any of the other campgrounds, because it’s friday night now. (Most popular part of the state, etc.)

Old What’s Her Face called a few places, but they were all full. We get service in McCall, so while I fueled up she phoned.

Home was looking like the only option, but I veered into a private campground in Cascade and they had an opening. It’s kind of a ghetto campground, but I promise you that opening didn’t last long. I ought to have a picture, and maybe I’ll grab one tomorrow.

One thing about private campgrounds, they have WiFi. Since we’re paying to stay here, I don’t feel like passing it up.

I have no idea what we’re going to do with ourselves. We didn’t plan on being in town, and the dogs don’t deal well with sidewalk heat. We’re running the AC full speed, but it really is only keeping pace with the temperature.

Editing will probably be on my agenda tomorrow morning before my wife gets up. I have plenty of that to do.


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44 responses to “Worst campout ever???

  1. Sounds like an adventure already.

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  2. What a bummer. I hope you get some relaxation out of it.

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  3. Craig, I kind of hated to push “Like” on this post. It sounds like it was a terrifying day! At least I’d be freaking spastic all over the place on this narrow trails, and hauling a camper yet. I was gnawing finger nails just reading what you went through.

    I hope you get some relaxation and in the spot you found. Idaho appears to be a study in contrasts. Snowdrifts on the mountain and A/C pumping non stop where you are. Wow!

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  4. I am sure you will find things to do and the WiFi is a bonus. Have a good time, Craig.

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  5. Best laid plans and all that? We have been in some pretty hair raising places in our time, but have no wish to find any now, the nerves couldn’t take it! I know you will make the best of it though!

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  6. I’ve never done well with camping and this sounds like a nightmare. Good story fodder though.

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  7. Good fodder for a story. I don’t envy you backing that camper down a mountain!

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  8. That’s frustrating! Sorry your weekend will be mostly pavement.

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  9. You handled it all with aplomb. And think of the fodder for future stories.

    Sorry it didn’t work out the way you planned. I hope you can salvage the trip and get some relaxation out of it.

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  10. Can’t say I really LIKED this. Poor you – glad you found a place to park after your hair-raising adventure. Seems like you both were very determined!

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  11. Oh, boy, I’d be a basket case on a narrow, steep road to begin with. You and your wife have fortitude. Hope you find a better spot in some other campground, but I’d have to work at making myself have a good time after that. Good luck!

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  12. Done some hair-raising turn-arounds hauling a trailer so I feel for your butt-clenching. 🙂 … may the rest of your time out there in the wilderness be a breeze after that. 🙂

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  13. I deal with bad camping experiences by not camping. Has to be 4 star with room service for this princess 😁

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  14. Bummer on broken plans. Sounds like roughing it in a non-traditional way.
    I hope y’all stay cool, specially doggies. I must say it’s hard for me to grasp city heat and snowy mountains — reading your environment is always interesting to me.

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  15. I can see this making it into a story. Sorry about your camping trip.

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  16. We stayed in one that was barely open forthe season once -except it wasn’t. It turned out to be a good thing we’d brought in our own water.

    The real problem was the other crazy group that went up there, too. They got drunk and loud and decided that 2 a.m. was a good time to ride their ATVs around. If only I’d had some nails…

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  17. I can’t imagine backing the camper up on a narrow road – I hate even backing out of my driveway. Sorry things didn’t go as planned.

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