Expansion Pack: The Villain’s Journey + The Monster

Just fed the bulldogs. It’s about time to hitch up the camper and get out of here. I’m at the plate over at Story Empire today, so I’m sharing it here to tide you guys over. It might be a few days before I have service again. Have a great weekend.

Story Empire

Hi Gang, Craig with you again. Time for another Expansion Pack that ties in with The Hero’s Journey, also known as the Writing Monomyth.

This time we’re dealing with our villains. Before you go all feral on me, there are some stories where the antagonist isn’t a human. Man vs Nature, Man vs Self, that kind of thing. This probably won’t help with those stories.

This Expansion Pack is more about what you need to know, not what you must put on the page. You’ll pick and choose what to include, but if your main character is the villain, you’ll include more.

I’ve researched all this stuff, and am trying to condense it for you guys. One of the things I find myself hating is the section names I’ve been running across. Therefore; I’m renaming all of them.

The Hero of His Own Story: The villain perceives himself as…

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13 responses to “Expansion Pack: The Villain’s Journey + The Monster

  1. Enjoy your time away!
    That was another excellent post over at Story Empire today!

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  3. Thank you for thinking of us. I’ll go over and read very slowly so I won’t miss you so much. 😁

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  4. Have fun unplugging. I lost my laptop and my desktop broke so I might as well unplug with you. Doing stuff on a phone and a borrowed laptop is really really s-slow

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  5. Enjoy your break, Craig!

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  6. There are instances where villains change, though. Sticking with your comics scenarios, Magneto once had a dramatic change of heart. Chris Claremont wrote that he had been a Jewish prisoner in a concentration camp, and he stopped in his tracks when he realized he was about to kill a young Jewish girl who was in the X-Men. There was a long period when Magneto tried to be a hero. Later authors changed him back, which disappointed me.

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