It’s a brain purge

I woke up this morning with a new character in my head. I have to get rid of her, because I have too much going on right now.

The bulk of this summer is going to be gearing up to release two books before the end of the year, and I already have multiple characters waiting their turns.

The next project has to be The HMS Lanternfish, so after I get everything beat into shape I can work on it. There are several more stories in my mind for Lizzie and the the hat, too.

So here we have this girl who is ten years or less. In my dream, she was on a bicycle that looked like it came right out of the seventies. Banana seat, tall handlebars, maybe some bolt on extras. She was a daredevil of some kind. In my dream she jumped her bike over a UPS truck. I’m not so sure we had UPS in the 70s, so maybe she has a second-hand bike. That could build a bit of family relationship and background for her.

She made kind of a signature move that I can’t quite describe. Maybe one of you will know how. She pursed her lips, then moved her lips to the side. (Is there better language for that?) Then she squinted her eyes before launching herself down the ramp.

I don’t exactly know what kind of trouble she gets into, but I suspect space invaders were involved in a small town setting. Those darned alarm clocks spoil everything.

I’ve written children, girls, and period pieces before, so I’m up to the task. I just don’t have time for her antics right now. I’m hacking this out in hopes that she goes away. If she refuses, I might have to deal with her one day.

Old What’s Her Face and I are going to try to go camping over a long weekend. If I seem a little unresponsive, it’s because I don’t have wifi or cell service. I’ll catch up with everyone when I get home.


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54 responses to “It’s a brain purge

  1. LOL. This girl sounds like the type who might keep pestering you, demanding a story of her own. You have to like characters who know they belong on the page.

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  2. It’s very possible the girl with the banana seat bike might show up in your thoughts while you’re in those peaceful quiet surroundings, minus WIFI. I’m sure if you take on the challenge of this character (someday) you’ll do her justice. Enjoy your time camping!

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  3. We absolutely had UPS in the 70s. My dad worked for them. And I love the sound of this girl. Maybe time in the wilderness will help bring order to all your ideas. You’ve got a ton of them right now. Have fun and safe travels!

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  4. Enjoy the weekend. Your girl story sounds like a good one.

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  5. I hope you do write her one day, as she maybe visited you for a reason. But I do love that you put this idea out into the world so that the character can live. 🙂

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  6. Sounds like a fun character. A whole suburban daredevil thing.

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  7. Yeah, um, I think she persists, Craig. That look on her face, those pursed lips — that’s determination 😉

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  8. She sounds familiar, perhaps she was my neighbor girl!! No wifi or cell phone? Should be a nice weekend, enjoy!

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  9. Have a great weekend, Craig. I love the sound of biker girl. But I know what you mean about too many things going on, lol 🙂

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  10. Probably something along the lines of, “She scrunched her face up in concentration,” or “She pursed her lips, and her face scrunched up in concentration,” or something along those lines. Either way, she sounds like she could get up to a lot of mischief.

    Enjoy your weekend. Hope it’s not too hot for you to properly enjoy it with the dogs.

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  11. You can always try singing that old song “Happy Trails, To You!” Perhaps she will take the hint and ride off into the sunset. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend.

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  12. Do with her what I did with Tallis Steelyard, give her a blog of her own and watch her take over your life 🙂

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  13. That’s so cool how she just popped into your dream. I used to have a bike like that. Tried riding it down a hill – no hands – feet on the handle bars. Which is how I wound up with stitches – go figure. Have a great weekend camping, Craig!

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  14. Have a great weekend, Craig! Make some notes, give the girl a name and put her on the back shelf for now. I love it when inspiration comes through in dreams!

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  15. D.L. Finn, Author

    I already like the sound of your new idea:) Have a great weekend and week.


  16. What a fun image! The lip thing was obviously a subliminal command to activate her bike’s rocket jets and clear the truck. Maybe she refitted the bike herself and wasn’t sure it would work. But she had to try…

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  17. Hm-m … doesn’t sound as though the’s the ‘going-away-now’ type. 🙂

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  18. Haha, I thought I was the only one who had dreams about characters or stories. 😁

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  19. Write everything you remember about her in a separate notebook and then get to it later. She sounds intriguing enough. She slid her puckered lips to one side moving all her freckles (assuming she has freckles).

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