Wednesday writing day

I love my flex schedule. It gives me a day here and there to do some writing. I set my alarm just like a regular work day, then ignored it completely.

The crow woke me up just before six o’clock. I swear that is the loudest crow I’ve ever heard, and he likes to let the world know he’s there at the crack of dawn. Maybe he needs a lesson from my Beeman air rifle. (If you’re reading this Sue, just ignore this part.)

After feeding the dogs and making coffee, I started off by checking email, then read the last section of The Viral Blues.

The characters had a big night fighting off the forces of evil, and the story required a bit of cooling down. Lizzie and Lisa did some girl bonding, then Clovis and Gina helped pump everyone up for the next phase.

Jason Fogg wound up wearing a dress, which didn’t make him too happy, and I’m headed toward the final showdown. I also worked in a mild musical gag, because it makes sense for a Lizzie and the hat kind of story.

I’ve been trying something a little different. When I first started writing, I would put on some classical music. Old What’s Her Face complained about it, so I started writing in silence. I’ve found that almost anything can distract me these days, but I decided to do a bit of a test.

I went to YouTube and turned on some soundtracks. I’ve been bouncing between Last of the Mohicans and Ennio Morricone music. Some of those power chords from Once Upon a Time in the West really do it for me.

I’ve only done this a few other times, using Pirates of the Caribbean music. (For Lanternfish, obviously) Sometimes Wagner from the Excalibur soundtrack.

So far it hasn’t made me more productive. I managed a sum total of 2900 new words today. It doesn’t seem any worse either, so there’s that to consider.

It was a good day, but I’m finished now. I’ll probably dedicate some time to my next Story Empire post. I left it unfinished, but need to keep up on that stuff.

Something odd happened too. In my first Expansion Pack post over at Story Empire, I mentioned Stephen King’s story, Thinner. The film is so old it isn’t available anywhere, but there it was on television late one night. I never use my recorder, but I recorded it. If we get a slow evening around here I’m going to re-watch it.

Back to work tomorrow, but it was a pretty good author’s wednesday.


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36 responses to “Wednesday writing day

  1. Sounds like a great author Wednesday to me. (And I can’t wait to read about Jason in a dress.)

    BTW, Sue is definitely going to be angry with you.

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  2. I love your character descriptions, Jason. In a dress. Too funny. sounds like a productive day.

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  3. I loved the book, Thinner. King wrote it under the name Richard Bachman (I think) I never saw the movie. I’m filling in for Sue on the B-B Gun. I armed the crow with a shoulder mount rocket launcher. It’ll take out the bedroom so be careful.

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  4. I’m surprised that ‘Thinner’ isn’t available. Thought everything was on dvd or streaming these days.

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  5. D.L. Finn, Author

    Can’t wait to read about this mild musical gag! I used to put on Mozart when I got writers block…it always helped. Haven’t done that in a while.

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  6. Jessica E Bakkers

    I often use soundtracks or music when writing – particularly if hubby is home and rattling around. However, I do find what i’m listening to influences the tone of my writing so I have to keep it theme appropriate 🙂

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  7. Glad you had such a good author day.

    Doesn’t matter to me what’s on in the background. I only tune it out anyhow.

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  8. Sounds like a brilliant day, Craig … minus the crow at the crack of dawn, lol. The writing sounds great! Can’t wait to see the finished thing 🙂

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  9. Victoria, I was accused of being deaf the other day, basically because I had tuned out. Sometimes my brain does this without my direction, so I tend to miss stuff that might be important. Not quite as important as what I was doing at the time though…

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  10. *Gasp* Leave those sweet crows alone! I would hate to have to tell Poe to put you on the Crows Most Wanted list. 😉

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  11. Congrats on a great author Wednesday! I’m getting really tired of editing and wish I could get back to writing soon. I’m glad you made more progress.

    I tend to write in silence or use instrumental New Age music in the background. Anything other than that and I get distracted!

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  12. La-la-la-la-la-la. Can’t hear you. 😉

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  13. An awesome Wednesday, Craig!! Congrats on the word count! How cool that you found the old movie after just mentioning it. The power of suggestion!

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  14. I alternate between writing with music and silence. If it’s a scene where I know the direction it’s going, I’ll listen to music. If I’m uncertain, I usually need silence. Your low word count is an outstanding day for me, lol.

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  15. The last of the Mohicans? That takes me back. Lol

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