A decent weekend

I never managed a single word of new fiction this weekend. Old What’s Her Face and I decided to go mushrooming on Saturday.

It wound up being a beautiful day in the mountains. It was sunny and warm, even though we had to drive around boulders as big as Buicks on the highway into the back country. The winter thaw rolled them onto the road. There was also a snowdrift to crash through, and part of the dirt road was underwater.

We saw a couple of deer and one turkey in the low country. The bulldogs were thoroughly worn out by the trip home. My wife bought this interesting pad for the dogs. It is supposed to cool them down when they lay down on it. It seems to work pretty well. No batteries or anything.

We wound up finding two morels. That’s it, not even enough for a decent omelette, but we tried today anyway. It looks like we’re going to have to find another hunting spot. The old forest fire in that area is about eight years old now, and maybe a more recent burn would be more productive. Pretty country and lots of fresh air to go around.

I worked on another of my “Expansion Packs” posts for Story Empire, but it isn’t where I want it yet. I have a couple of weeks to make it decent.

I also worked my way through a pile of critiques I received for The Viral Blues. It isn’t fancy, but counts as progress all the same.

After talking to my parents and finishing breakfast we made a Home Depot run. Old What’s Her Face wanted some hanging baskets for the back patio. I added a few light bulbs to the cart. Not too exciting, but it’s life for an author.

I have Wednesday off, so might manage a word or two then.

Hope all of you had good weekends too. Mine was pretty decent even if it wasn’t sexy.


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27 responses to “A decent weekend

  1. It sounds like a great weekend, even if it only netted two morels.The mountains sound wonderful, We had decent weather and spent a fabulous Saturday evening on the back patio well past twilight and into the night. I saw my first firefly of the year.On the writing front, I’m still editing short stories. I miss working on a new project.

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  2. Interesting about the morels. They’re easier to find after a forest fire?

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  3. Ooo, I’d love to try mushrooming – we don’t really have that kind of environment here though. Weird reading about your pads to cool the doggies down – I’m looking at everything I can to warm us up here! Winter has hit fiercely down under. Snowed on us on Friday.

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  4. Sounds like a great weekend.

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  5. Sounds like a great weekend to me! Being out and about can recharge your batteries–and spending time together is great. Hope the words flow on Wednesday:)

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  6. Sounds like a relaxing weekend, Craig, and you gleaned some nice reviews. Mushroom hunting sounds like fun.

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  7. Sorry you didn’t have much luck with the mushrooms, but glad it was a decent weekend overall.

    I’ve heard of those doggy pads. Good to know they work. I’ve got a special cooling slab for the chinchilla that does the same kind of thing, but hadn’t tried a doggy cooling pad yet.

    My weekend was pretty decent too. No writing here either, but I didn’t plan for there to be, since I was having a weekend to catch up on some things I like to watch, and hang out with the dog, chinchilla, degu, and hubby, before starting revisions on my WIP this week. We were going to have a beach picnic, but it turned out to be too hot to risk having the dog out there for long enough for a relaxing lunch, so we just went for a short walk instead, and had lunch at home where there’s better shade for her, as well as fans she can stretch out near if she wants to.

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  8. Glad to hear that someone had some fresh air over the weekend, I got as far as the back gate! Pity about the mushrooms though…

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  9. Sounds like a great weekend, Craig. Glad you had fun. Have a great week 🙂

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  10. Sorry about the mushrooms, but hey… hanging baskets and lightbulbs for the win. 🙂

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  11. Sexy? That’s one way to put it. 🙂 To me, hunting for mushrooms in the forest is pretty damned sexy, even if you didn’t find much. Hanging baskets make life more colorful and light bulbs make it brighter! 🙂

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  12. That’s wild about the boulders, very interesting to someone ‘foreign’. Not something that happens here.
    Neat about the cooling pad for puppers!

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