Expansion Pack: Fairytales

I got the idea of a few expansion packs for basic story structure. The first one is up today at Story Empire. Have you ever written a fairy tale?

Story Empire

Hi Gang, Craig with you again. We’ve spent some time talking about character arc in the past year. My last three posts were about The Hero’s Journey, also known as the Writing Monomyth. I’m not quite ready to drop that yet.

In the video game world, sometimes the developers offer expansion packs. These provide an extra setting or adventure you can take advantage of. I’m going to try the same thing with story structure.

None of these expansion packs are paramount to your story. You can produce a perfectly good yarn without using them. However, there are times when you might find them pretty useful. Our first one is Fairytale Structure. It’s the most expansion pack-like of the bunch, because it does not involve steps like A, B, C. It’s just a collection of things you can use to fine tune your story.

Getting onboard with Fairytale Structure involves…

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7 responses to “Expansion Pack: Fairytales

  1. Great post at SE today, Craig!

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  2. harmonykent

    Great post today, Craig. Loved it 🙂

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  3. More creative thinking…that’s great, Craig.

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