Crazy day, good stuff

Old What’s Her Face is still working nights. This meant another day of keeping everyone quiet so she could sleep a bit.

We had breakfast together again, then she unwound for an hour before heading for bed.

Quiet time is great for authors. I worked through the previous segment of Serang, then started writing again. Today’s effort came to about 3600 words. Something else wonderful happened too. At 75,000 words, it came to the end. Serang is now a first draft.

I fiddled with the new part for a few hours, then sent it to my critique partners. Next weekend I’ll look at all the critique suggestions, then may start my editing passes. It’s best to put it aside and look with fresh eyes, but the first chapters are months old to my eyes. I can do all my word searches on weeknights.

Honestly, I nearly made it. I wanted it out before school ends, but it wasn’t meant to be. This might turn into a November release now.

I’m torn about sharing this, because it’s going to be so long before anyone can actually read it. A peek at the cover might whet someone’s reader brain, so here it is:

This one is a companion piece to Voyage of the Lanternfish, but is quite a bit more serious. Serang is a serious character and deserves to be treated accordingly.

The weird part is our weather. We had a drizzle of rain when I got up, followed by sunshine, then thunder and lightning, then more sun, then a torrential downpour, wind, sun, another downpour, a hailstorm, sun, another hailstorm, and it’s sunny right now. Who knows what the rest of the day will bring. Maybe something cool like a haboob. Mostly I just like saying haboob, it’s probably too wet out there for one.

I think I’ll probably spend tomorrow getting acquainted with The Viral Blues once more. I put this aside in a misguided attempt to get Serang published before summer. Don’t know if I’ll do more writing on it, but it could happen.

Either that or I’ll scope out some old movies. John Wayne will probably be winning World War Two somewhere for Memorial Day. Hope everyone has a lovely holiday tomorrow.


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37 responses to “Crazy day, good stuff

  1. Guaranteed to find John Wayne War pictures on this weekend. Enjoy the holiday.

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  2. Congrats on finishing your draft. I love the cover. Actually emailed you something about it.

    Happy Memorial Day.

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  3. I like the cover. Enjoy the movies.

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  4. The cover looks great. I could hear the wrap whoop from here.

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  5. Congrats on finishing your first draft AND having your cover ready! I’m going to sound dorky, but Serang’s a girl. Did girls have to shave their heads to study with masters? I know the Avatar (the kids’ cartoon I loved) was shaved clean. Just wondering. Sigh. And now I have to wait a LONG time before I can buy the book. But congrats on finishing it.

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  6. Congratulations on finally having the first draft completed! Good luck with the next phases, and with getting the other story to the same point.

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  7. Congratulations on finishing the draft! Cool cover too. 🤗

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  8. Great that you finished a first draft!


  9. Congrats on finishing the first draft of Serang’s story!!! I love the cover. It is colorful and tells a lot! Happy Memorial Day to you, Craig!


  10. Serang is an awesome character. I’m so glad you decided to give her a book of her own. Congratulations on finishing her story and on that colorful, eye-catching cover!

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  11. Congrats on finishing the first draft, Craig! Weird weather up your way. We haven’t had rain for weeks – all of the storms seem to be missing us.

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  12. You never cease to amaze. Huge congrats on finishing the draft! Look forward to another rocket-launching release from you this fall.

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  13. It’s a great cover!

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  14. Well done on finishing your book, Craig. It is really tough to work nights.

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