Weird day, and a tear in my eye

Old What’s Her Face is on her night shifts now. It makes things strange around here to be honest.

I woke up about 5:30 and the dogs wouldn’t let me go back to sleep. This means my most productive hours of the day really weren’t. My wife got off at 6:30, so I browsed around social media and news until she got home.

The Diamondbacks had a blowout against San Francisco, and they needed one. Honestly, they haven’t been playing all that well. I dropped my League Pass because it’s too damned expensive, but still check the scores every day. Today, they were the day game on ESPN, so I watched it. Another win, but the cool part was watching the Reno Aces coach attend the game to watch his son’s debut from the Aces to the Diamondbacks.

When my wife got home, we had breakfast together. It’s better than nothing. Then she wanted to play ball with the dogs, so another half-hour dedicated to that.

Beyond that, it was my job to keep them quiet. They like to paw at her door because she’s trying to sleep in the bedroom.

Eventually, they nodded off and I turned my attention to the critiques of Serang. My ancient iPad seems to have given up the ghost, so my wonderful two-screen approach didn’t work. I used my phone to look at the suggestions, then made my changes on the big iPad Plus.

This kind of sucks, but it’s going to have to work from now on. One day, I’d like to look into the iPad mini. It’s a nice screen for critiques, and nice for the couple of air flights I have to make every year too. Someday…

At the end of the critique section, Serang was still stuck in the cave. This is a task she must face alone. She’s had a couple of epiphanies while she’s inside. I had fun with underground lakes, blind fish, even glow worms.

Serang has three candles and three days to pass through the cave. If you frequent Story Empire, I’m going to explain the importance of numbers over there this week.

She managed to find the cave exit, and it represents a huge point of personal growth for her. Honestly, I had a tear in my eye as she exited. No spoilers today.

All told it came to 3700 words.

On top of that, I wrote a sample chapter of a new book I want to write and sent it to my critique partners. It’s going to have to go on the back-burner, even further back than The Viral Blues, but I’m not lacking for ideas these days.

Old What’s Her Face will go to work here in about an hour. I don’t know if I’ll pick up my story again, or watch a movie somewhere. I’m torn. I was productive, but could be even more productive.


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21 responses to “Weird day, and a tear in my eye

  1. Congrats on Serang’s milestone. Honestly, the ‘tear in your eye’ thing had me a little worried. Odd amount of suspense in this update because of that.

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  2. If you had a tear in your eye, you’ve become really invested in Serang’s story. That’s awesome. Hope you and your wife find a rhythm with her new schedule. And sorry about your old iPad. It’s great you found something that works, but it’s hard to give up a system that was comfortable for you. Happy writing. And hope you have a great Memorial Day.

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  3. The tear in your eye part had me morried something had happened to Otto or Frankie. I’m glad it was writing related. As a bonus: you getting so emotional is a good sign for potential reader emotional investment when the book is finished and published.

    Nice you had breakfast with your wife, and awesome to hear you got some writing time in once the dogs finally settled. Whether you wrote more after your wife went to work or not, it’s great you managed to get that much writing done under the circumstances; that’s a good word count for one day in general, and even more so with the changing routine and the dogs.

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  4. Not sure who said this, but it came to mind reading your post. ‘Resistance is futile…’ so sit back and go with the flow, Craig. You will get there in the end…

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  5. You’re like me, never lacking in ideas… just time to write them!

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  6. Sounds like an excellent bit of writing

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  7. Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on. Better to be busy than bored. Sorry about the iPad, though.

    Can’t wait to see what Serang is up to!

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  8. When the story touches the writer like Serang’s scene did you, it is the sign of a great segment!! Way to go! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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  9. Lorelei has really been inspiring you lately. Between the fresh ideas and Serang’s continuing journey you’re really churning out the words.

    I thought about writing today but we opened the pool yesterday, so I spent the day reading and taking an occasional cool off in the water. Still much too cold to swim. Now I’m on the back patio with my Mac enjoying a glass of wine and the breeze.

    Happy Memorial Day.

    P.S….the little mini iPads are great. Hubby loves his. Very handy

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  10. I have read your further update so know you have manage to finish the first draft. Well done. I am fortunate in that I have two laptops and a screen to work on due to my work which requires one laptop and the screen.

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