I’ll take this kind of day

My wife had to work this morning, so I was left to my own devices. What else could I do, I wrote.

Serang and her master made it to an ancient abandoned temple and met up with the only other living monk they know of. This woman is actually from the opposing side of the conflict the governments have going on. I kind of like how the regular people don’t seem to have a skin in this war, but they have to live with its consequences anyway.

The older woman, Tomomi, taught Serang a lesson about tigers by introducing her to a live one. It made for a scary night in the jungle. They returned to a bit of temple life, but it’s going to prove temporary.

I also introduced a fictional animal, just because I can. I called it the hoofed pheasant. It was delicious.

I started writing the part where Serang has to handle a task on her own. This is the first time she hasn’t had a mentor to help her along the way. It will reflect some of the things she should have learned along her journey and test her in some new ways. This task is dangerous, and death is not out of the question.

I expect her to come out the other side a changed woman.

I left her during that task because I ran out of gas. All told, I didn’t keep count again, but it feels like about 4000 words. I’m becoming a pretty good guesser with all these updates.

My idea of publication before school lets out is over. I’m not going to stress about it any longer. Sean isn’t done with my promotional art anyway. I have a cover and one Lisa Burton poster so far. I may hold it for fall now. Summer releases never have been kind to me.

This will pose a new problem, because I want to release The Viral Blues around the Halloween season. I need to finish writing it, but it’s pretty close to complete. I parked it when I was trying to get Serang ready.

I hope to have a completed draft of Serang by mid June, and that leaves me all summer to put the finishing touches to The Viral Blues. It also gives Sean some time to make that cover and the promotional posters for it.

I may be blog tour mad by the time I finish promotion of both books so near each other.

In other news, my sprinkler system is fully repaired and working as I type. I also got my PSA test drawn in anticipation of an annual checkup I have to have. This isn’t a fun checkup, but since I have a problem, it beats the alternative.

I also managed to schedule the first of several posts I’m calling Expansion Packs over at Story Empire. The one about Fairytale Structure will go live later this month.

The convention I signed up for is underway, and they made a second effort at the Cover Wars and Character Battles. I feel like I kind of missed the boat due to the malfunctions. Sean Harrington also promoted it, because it’s all his artwork, but nothing worked.

The new sites seem functional, and my fantasy stuff is holding its own. Both the cover and the root monsters are into round two. This requires more voting.

If you’re so inclined The Lanternfish cover.

The Root Monsters from Lanternfish.

Don’t know if I’ll hit it that hard tomorrow. That’s the day I check in with my parents, but I might find an hour somewhere.


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29 responses to “I’ll take this kind of day

  1. Glad you got to pound out some words today, and have a great Sunday!

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  2. Congrats on the progress.

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  3. Great progress you sound very busy.💜

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  4. D.L. Finn, Author

    Sounds like a great writing day and I like the direction.

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  5. The new Serang books sounds thrilling. Pity there will be no root monsters though [wink!]. The cover promotion does not work for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No idea on the cover contest. I doubt I’ll sign up for this next year. Root monsters don’t fit in her timeline. I am going to try making Lanternfish into a trilogy so they’ll be back. Serang is kind of a sidecar story to Lanternfish.


  6. Can you release them both and make it a twofer or buy-one-get-one-half?

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  7. I was too late for the cover, but I got to vote for the root monsters. I I I I 😀

    That’s great you had another writing day. I did some clean up editing on two short stories on Friday but zero word count for me this weekend. We spent it working in the yard. At least the flowerbeds look nice and now we’re ready. for mulch!

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  8. Great progress with Serang’s story! I went to vote for The Laternfish and it didn’t let me. However, it did tell me that you won.

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  9. Glad you got a good chunk of writing in.

    You could maybe aim to release it for talk like a pirate day? It’s September 19th, I think. Then maybe release the other right around Halloween, so you do at least have several weeks between them, and themed holidays to use when promoting. Just an idea.

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  10. Good luck with the medical test.

    You’re going to be insanely busy come the fall, but it’ll be worth it.

    Finally figured out how to vote. Missed the cover, but voted for my favorite monsters.

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  11. You got quite a few words. I was able to do both the cover and the Root Monsters. I I I I

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  12. Great to hear your prolific ideas and characters are buzzing along, Craig, with much to keep you busy in the unfolding year. Cheers.

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  13. A writing day is always a good day. I’m glad your sprinklers are working. I had issues with my sprinklers not too long ago it’s been resolved as well. I’m also happy you’re getting your check-ups. It pays to be safe. 😀 xo

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