A tiny update

I need to get back to my writing, but an update is in order.

First an apology. I signed up for the OWS CyCon, in an attempt to reach new readers. They have a lot going on, so I could only manage so much. One of the things I did was enter several cover wars and character battles.

Earlier, I asked for your support, but the voting apparatus let everyone down. It simply does not function. You guys turned out, but were unable to cast any votes. For this, I am sorry. I hate “going to the well” in the first place, but when something doesn’t work it makes me look bad.

At any rate, the convention people are trying to remedy this by using a different service. The only thing up so far that I’m involved in is Fantasy Cover Wars. The new voting link is here.

On this one, you have to hit the button titled “Cast Ye Vote” in the upper right hand corner. Then you’ll be taken through the cover battles one at a time.

I will understand completely if you are tired of messing with it and have your own manuscripts to work on.

I have no idea if the character wars will be revamped, or the cover war I entered The Hat into. If they are I’ll make a follow-up post.


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17 responses to “A tiny update

  1. it’s far from intuitive, Craig – I certainly selected your book in round 1, then was taken to round 2 – then a message came up thanking me for voting – so hopefully I actually DID vote 😳

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  2. Voted again. I thought it went through the first time, but I was on my phone and things always look funny there.

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  3. tmauthor

    Voted again. Looks like it worked this time.

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  4. I voted (and it worked!). Of course I chose your cover, but I would have liked to vote on the other ones too. The problem now is you can’t see them. Boy do they need to get their act together!

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  5. I voted for you. And it’s not your fault if the contest works or not. You didn’t set it up. You just entered it. So good luck!

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  6. Don’t stress for trying something new and their infrastructure being iffy…. not your fault! Will try this new link….

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  7. I missed my chance to vote on that one. Sorry. Too bad the original voting site didn’t work right.

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  8. Well crap, I’m late. Sorry 😦

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