More convention stuff

I have no idea how all this is tallied, but you can still vote for The Lanternfish in cover wars at the OWS CyCon.

This is the voting portal. Since you can still vote, I assume I advanced to the next round.  here. My guess is that I start from zero in the new round, so feel free to vote again. If any of you know more about this stuff, drop me a hint.

The Root Monsters are entered in character battles here. Voting is open now, so you can show these little guys some love too.


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23 responses to “More convention stuff

  1. I voted for the root monsters (LOVE those guys!), but didn’t have a vote button option on the covers. It might be I have to wait a full 24 hours from the time I voted yesterday??? I’ll keep trying!

    Good luck on everything!

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  2. Heading over, Craig. If you get a chance, vote for The Gemini Connection at the sci-fi cover wars – made it through the first round!

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  3. I tried voting again on the cover but no dice. Root monster vote went through

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  4. I couldn’t vote on either, Craig. I don’t know why.

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  5. D.L. Finn, Author

    I believe my vote went through
    …good luck.

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  6. I voted for the root monsters–since they made me laugh. But tried to vote for your cover with no luck. Nothing happened.

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  7. Crap. My third try of the day and I still can’t vote on the cover wars 😦
    I hope they get things straightened out soon. It doesn’t seem fair for you and others.

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