That Hero’s Journey Monomyth Thingie: Part Three

I’m wrapping up my series on story structure over at Story Empire today. It’s a three part series, but I included links to the previous parts. Check it out and leave me a comment.

Story Empire

Hi gang. Craig here with you once again with more about story structure. I’m taking on the biggest form of story structure out there, but there are others. If you missed any of the earlier posts, don’t despair. They live forever on the Internet.

Part One

Part Two

Time to get jiggy with it. We’re knee deep in the middle slog now, but we’re about to work our way out.

The Reward:

From our last section, we went through the ordeal. Indiana Jones survived the book burning, Frodo escaped the ring wraiths, and we killed off a mentor or two.

When the hero survives he gets a reward. Frodo got an entire fellowship to watch his back. Will Smith got a “noisy cricket.” Maybe the sword from the stone is lost, but the Lady of the Lake has something even better. (Depends upon which version of King Arthur you read.)…

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7 responses to “That Hero’s Journey Monomyth Thingie: Part Three

  1. Excellent post at SE today, Craig.

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  2. This was a really good series on Story Empire, Craig!

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