Cover Reveal: Unclear Purposes

Joan Hall is sharing her cover art across the internet today. I hope you’ll all make her feel welcome.

Some people take secrets to the grave…

Three years after her husband’s murder, Christine Lawrence still struggles for balance. She has a rewarding career and a close circle of friends but feels oddly unfulfilled. Worse, the close relationship she once had with her teenage daughter has grown increasingly strained. 


Former FBI agent, Vince Green, is battling demons of his own—painful secrets that drove him from Driscoll Lake. Newly resettled in the small town, he makes his living as a private investigator. 

When Vince and Christine cross paths, stumbling over the body of a murder victim, he’s forced to confront memories he thought long buried. The circumstances surrounding the killing are eerily similar to a victim from his past.


As the body count continues to rise, Christine finds herself drawn to Vince. With a murderer stalking the streets of Driscoll Lake, neither is aware the killer has targeted her as the next victim—or that Vince’s past is key to unmasking a disturbed and deadly killer.



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30 responses to “Cover Reveal: Unclear Purposes

  1. Thank you for hosting me, Craig. This one has been a long time coming.

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  3. I love the cover and am looking forward to the final chapter in Joan’s great Driscoll Lake series!

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  4. Nice to see Joan’s cover making the rounds. So excited for her.

    Thanks for hosting, Craig.

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  5. Best wishes, Joan. Thanks for hosting Craig.

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  6. Great cover! Best wishes for Joan!

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  7. Beautiful yet haunting cover, Joan. Good luck with the launch!

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  8. D.L. Finn, Author

    Congrats. Joan. It’s a great cover:)

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  9. Great cover! Good luck with the book, Joan.

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  10. Looks intriguing! Best wishes!

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  11. This is mysterious image of the cover, Joan. I like it.
    Thank you, Craig!

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