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I’ve always updated with warts and all. Seems like lately there have been more warts than cool stuff. It wasn’t in my master plan, but much of it is out of my control.

This is the third weekend in a row that I haven’t been able to write. I’ve done some blog things, and they count. They simply aren’t new fiction.

We watched the Derby yesterday, and I spotted the interference before the race was even over. I may be in the minority, but I agree with the disqualification.

This is the biggest stage in the world for horse racing, and they struggle to survive in this world of extended animal rights. I’ve been at a race where a horse had to be shot, and watched the tractor drag him away. News crews would love that for their headlines, but the sport itself doesn’t need it.

The jockey yesterday put a lot of equine lives at risk, and a few human ones too. This is made more risky by the large field the Derby always has.

We raced out for date night and had a nice dinner at Kahoots. This is one of our regular stopping places. I never learned of the DQ until I googled it later in the evening. It was the right call.

Plans to publish Serang before school lets out are all but gone. I haven’t finished writing it, and there isn’t any time to set up tours and such. Things are about to be incredibly busy at my office, and it’s field trip season for my position too. This poses a new issue.

Summer releases have always sucked for me. Yak Guy is a pretty fair story, but it goes relatively unnoticed for that reason. I can toss Serang to the summer wolves, or hold it back for later. I want to release The Viral Blues in conjunction with the Halloween season. This story seems to still have a realistic publishing goal.

If I hold Serang back, I don’t want to try two releases at the same time. This would make Serang more of a December release, but it has nothing to do with the holidays.

Some of this is my fault, because I’m shooting for three releases this year. It’s a tough goal to meet while holding down a full time job.

I’ve always understood the commercial reasons to write series instead of stand alone novels. I largely ignored it and wrote what I wanted. Right or wrong.

My inner circle talked me into it, so I’m committed now. A series is the one thing I haven’t taken on, and maybe it’s time. Of course, I never do anything half-way…

There are two kinds of series. One kind has an overarching plot, and the other involves more stories in the same universe using the same characters. I’m writing one of each. Lanternfish is intended to become a trilogy. The Hat will have more stories in the same universe.

Many of the overarching series have supporting stories to keep interest going. This is what Serang is. She is a supporting character to Lanternfish who earned her own story.

I mentioned this, because not everyone reads every blog post I throw out there. I’ve probably already talked about all of this in the past. Serang’s job is to preserve interest in the Lanternfish series until I can publish the next volume in 2020. The Hat will return in October.

In a perfect world, Serang would be ready to step on the stage and do her job. This would give me all summer to finish The Viral Blues.

It isn’t a perfect world. I may have to start leaving the house on Saturdays for a few mornings just so I can meet my goals.

They say all blog posts perform better with a picture of some kind. It has nothing to do with writing, but enjoy a picture of Otto falling asleep on his feet.


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  1. Love the Otto shot. Your release schedule sounds like a man possessed. More power to you.

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  2. I can’t find any info on the disqualification other than it was the first in Derby history and people are pissed. The horse had a perfect record and some celebrities raged on Twitter about it. Beyond that, I can’t figure out what happened.

    I’ve found that December releases don’t have to deal with the holidays in terms of topic. The promos can be geared toward making it sound like a good holiday present, but you see all sorts of stories show up around that time of year. Heck, Star Wars has been dominating that month the last few years and it’s only connection to the holidays is an infamous Christmas Special.

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  3. I applaud you for setting a goal of three releases. Last year, I didn’t even have one. Hope to have two this year and hoping my upcoming one isn’t too late in May to do any good. Oh well, live and learn. And I understand about not having time to write. Now that my husband’s work schedule has changed, I have Saturdays to myself. It’s really helped in upping my word count.

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  4. Life happens. You do what you can. I understand your concern about summer releases. I’ve been burned on that one, too. But if you line up some paid promo, you might be okay. I don’t understand why sales go down in the summer. I used to buy more books in the summer because I had more time to read. (Those days are gone.) And I know people travel with books on the plane and/or on the beach.

    Wish I had more to offer you.

    I agree with your assessment of the Derby. The DQ’d horse was probably the fastest and probably deserved to win, but not by the jockey breaking the rules. They’re there for a reason. He’s lucky no one got hurt. The officials made the right call, but it’s sad. There will always be an asterisk on that race.

    Love the pic of Otto.

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  5. I adore the photo of Otto! He looks so tuckered out and sleepy.

    I was mostly doing blog writing this weekend, too. I scheduled guest posts and wrote SE posts and yet I feel like I should have accomplished more. Of course, I was also installing Roku sticks on four different TVS (I’m now an expert).

    I was so disappointed by the Derby. I understand the ruling but, wow, what an upset.

    P.S….have you thought about holding Serang until early 2020 (Jan/Feb) or is that too long?

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  6. Otto is so cute, falling asleep sitting up. You are doing a lot of plotting and planning so even if you haven’t written too much down in the last three weeks, when you can do it, you’ll just fly through the “pen.”
    My husband went to see the flight last night (I’m not into it, so stayed home). His boxing instructor was in it, but lost in the end for a hair difference!

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  7. I’ve seen a horse hauled off during a race when I was younger too. I wanted to be a jockey when younger but my height and weight held me back. Always wanted to raise horses too but I never got to follow that either. My dad loved going to the race track and sometimes I went with him. Horse races make me remember him these days. Sorry about Serang. I hear the fall or the spring are the best times to publish.

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  8. D.L Finn, Author

    Three in one year? Wow. I’m sure Serang will do well no matter when its released. Great picture!

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  9. You know, Craig, sometimes we over commit and have to step back and reassess our goals to make them achievable. I am an A type personality just like you and I also over commit and then drive myself on to achieve my unrealistic goals so I know this. Life is to be enjoyed after all. Hugs

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  10. Seems like there’s a lot of this kind of thing going around. Life can’t be all about the writing – much as we wish it could – and we have to deal with the other stuff. Sometimes life happens, other things have to be the priority, and writing related plans have to change. It sucks, but it’s the way it is. On the bright side, some of those life experiences have the potential to provide story inspiration.

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  11. Love the Otto pic! So adorbs.

    I’ve been burned by a summer book launch, too, and it looks like I’m in for another this year (August. Oy). With all the Kindle devices on the beach, you’d think summer would be a great time for a new release, but anyone who’s launched a book then knows that’s not true for ebooks. Paperbacks do well, though. They say September is the best month, if that helps.

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  12. Otto looks tired – my cat does the same thing, and I keep waiting for him to keel over. I’m with Mae – maybe you can hold off with Serang until the new year.

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  13. I’ve never really thought about summer releases–and I probably should have. I just release a book when it gets done or to meet a deadline. Maybe not as many people fiddle on the internet during the summer, so you don’t reach as many with promo?? And people travel more in the summer, and they buy more beach reads? No helpful thoughts on what you should do, but I know it’s easy to lose writing time. Sympathies on that.

    I watched a horse fall and break both of its front legs at a race, too. The jockey was lucky he didn’t get hurt. And the rain and wet track made the Derby even trickier. I understand why the winner was disqualified, but it was sad. The horse gave it his all.

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  14. One of the best things about being an indie author is that you set your own goals and deadlines. Do what is best for Serang and her story because it deserves attention! And, it will help keep the interest in Lanternfish going. It’s hard to know what to do, but rushing a project never bodes well.

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  15. Well, on two of ’em at least. 🙂

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  16. Bout 3pm today, I kinda felt like Otto, and that’s when I had my tiny tangerine. Halo, cutie, I dunno which, too small to really enjoy, but enough sugar to perk me back up. Why are they so small? Can’t they make a big orange that’s easy to peel? I think that’s a post, I do.
    Anyway, I’m sorry things aren’t going as you’d planned, but I have faith that you’ll get it all sorted and it will all go as it should, probably find out a year from now the delay had benefits you don’t expect at the moment.
    You never do anything halfway and I never do anything without hope 🙂

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  17. In a weird way, the recent Kentucky Derby is like an illustration of modern American life. The jockey takes risks and breaks rules, thinking it’s okay as long as you win. The officials say no, it isn’t right or fair to risk the lives of himself, his horse, the other jockeys, and all their horses. Now the owner of the horse that jockey used to cheat is crying about the lost income and his reputation. I say, it’s high time someone got held to account for their cheating.

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