Is it even worth talking about?

My wife has to work all weekend. This is usually a prophesy for some quality writing time. We both have Monday off, but I don’t mind that. Some time together is a fine thing.

Our daughter came home for the weekend too. This is an obstacle to any writing I want to do.

I got up early, did my usual social media tour, then started into my project. I always re-read my last chapter before moving ahead. I modified a couple of lines, fixed some typos, that kind of thing.

Then I started writing. Serang and her master decided to take their new boat down the river. Turns out neither of them ever operated a boat before. They have a few things to learn. The purpose is to move to the sea, and the next event. Then again, a bit of familiarity with boats, then ships, is important to who Serang becomes. I kind of want to rush it, but can’t. I have some things I can pepper in to keep it interesting, like river dolphins and such.

Then… my daughter woke up.

It came to 762 words, which poses the question, is it even worth talking about?

We talked about her work, her hair, and even her makeup. Not my favorite topics, but I’ll take what I can get. She brought Jackson the cat this time, and it’s fun having him around. My dogs and Jackson were always buddies and it’s nice to see them rekindling that relationship.

I love her, and won’t trade my time with her for quality writing time. There is always another hour out there somewhere. She isn’t here all that often. She came last weekend, but I had a houseful of people. Quality time wasn’t really available.

Those measly 762 words may be all I get this weekend. I really want to get this one published before school lets out, but let’s face it… it isn’t looking too good. I’ve lost two weekends in a row now. I have two events that have to happen, and can’t just write them. This one has been an epic journey, and I need to dedicate a certain amount of time to travel.

They have to go downstream, then overland where one adventure awaits. After that we have a bit of maturing and changing of the status quo. Then a quick trip leads to the last major adventure. After that I need to devote a bit of time to the denouement.

I can only do what I am allowed to do. I may have some hard decisions to make here. If I have to release it in the summer, I likely won’t spend any money on promotion. My summer releases have always performed poorly, despite the amount of money I’ve thrown at them. What reviews I’ve gathered have always been good, but that new story becomes an old story by the time readers are shopping again.

Holding it for fall isn’t a good option either. I’ve placed one story on the back-burner to focus on this one. Writing two at once turned out to be a wonderful experience. That other story demands an October release. This means any promo money I might have needs to go into the paranormal tale. There is also a matter of time involved. Managing and keeping up with a blog tour and other promos is tough enough, doubling that is not something I’m willing to do.

I’ll take what I can this weekend. If it’s father/daughter time, great. If it’s writing time, that’s great too.


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35 responses to “Is it even worth talking about?

  1. 762 words is 762 words. At least you aren’t as behind as I’ve been on my WIP. So glad to have finished the first draft. A huge relief. And enjoy the time with your daughter.

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  2. Progress is progress. Time with kids does tend to take precedence. As far as the release goes, sounds like you might as well do summer if both options involve no promo money. That way it doesn’t trip up the one that gets the push. Maybe do a big blog tour? Any author interviews out there?

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  3. Obviously it’s worth writing properly. You have to do what feels right and if that means promo not so muches, but writing is perfected, you’re gonna be a lot happier than never getting them to the sea or not adding river dolphins or whatever, because you have to write it out of your brain or it’ll be stuck in there!
    The way you write about your daughter reminds me so much of The Mister and Moo, hehe! I had to take her out for shoes this evening, and she had to tell her daddy all about it and he was a champ, lol!

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    • So true. She’s always been that way. It becomes more important when they move away. Daddy/daughter time gets more precious. My critique partners will tell me if it’s too much, so adding things won’t always influence the final product.

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  4. You’re making progress, but kids’ lives get busier and busier and you have to snatch time with them when you can. Even if you have to go with a summer release, you’ll have two books in the series, so you can have a few more options to promote Serang. And once you finish a third book in the Lanternfish story, you’ll have more. So good luck!

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  5. One thing I learned while spending so much time in hospital over the past year or so was to consider any kind of progress an achievement. It may not be even close to your usual amount of writing, but it’s words you didn’t have before. On top of that, you got to spend some quality time with your daughter, and make some extra memories together. Doing that as well as writing a few hundred words sounds like an excellent thing to me. So, is it worth talking about? Yes!

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  6. D.L Finn, Author

    It’s always wonderful to spend one on one with a daughter(or son) even if you don’t get as much work done. The story’s direction sounds exciting I like that they don’t know how to operate a boat yet. Enjoy the rest of your weekend

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  7. It took me a long time to stop trying to manipulate time, and just let it happen. Just grateful for any moments I can grab. And family should always come first, says she with her fingers crossed!

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  8. Parent/child time is worth the sacrifice. Throw in the pets, and it’s a bonus. You’ll get the words in that “other hour” you carve out somewhere. Can’t wait to see what happens with the boat-learning part of the story.

    And The Office clip had me laughing aloud.

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  9. Phyllis Boyack

    Love the talking girl, very funny! Mom

    On Sat, Apr 27, 2019 at 5:21 PM Entertaining Stories wrote:

    > coldhandboyack posted: “My wife has to work all weekend. This is usually a > prophesy for some quality writing time. We both have Monday off, but I > don’t mind that. Some time together is a fine thing. Our daughter came home > for the weekend too. This is an obstacle to any writin” >

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  10. I have also had limited writing time for the past month, Craig. Work has been sooo busy. I also put writing aside to spend time with family during my limited off time. Family first.

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  11. Family before wors is a good outlook. Enjoy.

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  12. Should be “words” not wors

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  13. Aww, you are a great dad! That time spent chatting hair, makeup and work with your daughter is sure gold. As someone who lost her dad at 13, I can assure you how precious those father/daughter moments are. So fun, too, that she brought Jackson along and Otto and Frankie settled right back in with having a feline playmate.

    As for the 762 words—a nice bonus.

    I’m contemplating a summer release too but worried about how the last one bogged down. Fall might be on my radar too.

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  14. Family first! That is the most important and the writing will wait. You are on no deadline and the story is unfolding nicely!

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  15. You still got some words in, plus had father/daughter time – and Jackson, too! Sounds like an awesome weekend – you’ll make up the time somewhere.

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  16. Craig, at least you got the 762. Much better than I am managing to do. I’m lucky to get in any. Of course, something always comes up. If only there were a few more “me” hours in the day.

    Enjoy your visit, I know how infrequent they happen.

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