My short weekend

I only get a two day weekend on the rotation. My wife is off too, so it doesn’t make for much of a writing weekend. Normally, it isn’t even worth trying.

Tomorrow is when I call my parents, so I lose an hour in the morning there.

I really wanted to reach a part in Serang, so I dabbled this morning among all the noise. This isn’t the same as quality writing time, but it did add words.

It only came to about 800 words, but I got to and through that folk legend I’ve been planning. I like the way it turned out, and Serang is working on completing her quest.

I’m happiest with a callback to her childhood that brought a bit of emotion to the scene. Early reports are that it worked.

This is the start of Serang’s quest. It involves a bit of mining while dealing with the local wildlife. It’s going to take a few words (and locations) to bring it full circle.

It wasn’t productive, but it was successful. Forward progress counts even a few hundred words at a time.

Because I already had some words, this allowed me to send about 6000 words to my critique group. I already have the majority of them back. I seem to keep making the same errors over, and over again. Maybe we all do that, but I’d like to think I’m improving in some small way.

I’ll probably try to address the critiques after talking to my parents tomorrow. They’re coming for a visit next weekend, and I’m looking forward to it. I haven’t seen them in a while. It will be fun, but takes the place of any writing progress.

The rest of the weekend will involve a whole lot of Game of Thrones.


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43 responses to “My short weekend

  1. Enjoy your Game of Thrones weekend. 🙂

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  2. Progress is progress. Can’t be unhappy with that. (And of course you’re improving!)

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  3. My son is also eagerly awaiting Game of Thrones, Craig. I also get up early to write but I also write amid the turmoil of my daily life.

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  4. You made progress. That’s what counts. I haven’t been very productive this weekend. Hubs was off work yesterday (he usually works on Saturdays) and last night was our monthly night out with friends. Hoping to get something accomplished today. As far as the same mistakes? I do that all the time. Or I find a new bad habit and start on it. Looking forward to hearing more about Serang.

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  5. Hey, it’s 800 words you didn’t have before.

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  6. D.L Finn, Author

    Glad you got some work done! The flashback to her childhood sounds intriguing. Hope you have a nice talk and visit with your parents. Looking forward to Game of Thrones, too.

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  7. I can’t wait for the new Game of Thrones season to start tonight!!! I am sure this first episode will be a recap, but that’s okay. I like the flashback aspect. It gives more insight into her character. Enjoy your day!

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  8. Sometimes the word count isn’t as important as getting everything right, and it sounds like the story idea came to life for you. It always feels good to get through a tricky scene. They take longer. We’re ready for Game of Thrones tonight, too. My grandson has to work and told everyone he wasn’t answering his phone or looking on the internet so nothing ruins the surprise when he finally gets to watch it.

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  9. Enjoy your Games of Thrones! I’m using today as a catch-up day, but alas, it’s slow going.

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  10. I think you are making fine progress. Have a good week.

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    We all had a regular weekend here. As usual, too short. It was good anyway. And, I like how when I get to work tomorrow my to-do list won’t look like what it has the last SIX Mondays.
    I wish my parents were coming in next weekend. Oh how I wish. Enjoy yours extra for me 🙂

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  12. That small progress is still progress. I spent the weekend struggling with tech issues (changing the modern and wifi network in my house, plus adding a router). Yesterday was 2.5 hours of tech support. Today was clean up with a 30 minute call, but I did manage 1000 words (exactly 1000 even) of new material. That has to count for something, right?

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  13. harmonykent

    Sounds like great progress in less-than-ideal writing conditions, Craig.

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  14. It’s progress! I won’t get anything done next weekend either – helping my son move. I’m just about to finish season 6 of GoT – trying to avoid spoilers.

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  15. Craig, we all need a break. Even though you weren’t as successful as you had wanted to be, you still managed a positive word count. This I deem a success.

    I hope you enjoyed Game of Thrones.

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  16. I would call it a great progress, Craig. Is your critique group online? I have one that meets in person, but they are very polite. I’m thinking about joining an online critique group.

    Hope you had a nice chat with your parents.

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