Progress brings a new struggle

Today wound up being a decent writing day. For those keeping score, it came to 1850 new words.

My followers are all either writers, readers, or both and I’ve never hidden my author struggles from you guys. I figure if I’m facing some issues, you might be too one day. Maybe something I’ve written will help someone else eventually.

Serang and her master entered the Temple of Wind. I managed a cool bit with an eagle chattering away that produced echoes and reverberations galore. I kind of like it, but wish I had more of a fantasy creature to pull this off. Since this has a tie to Lanternfish, it’s good to pepper it with the occasional fantasy thingmebob. I’ll leave it for now. Maybe something will come to me later.

Crossing the desert involved solving a few puzzles to find the path. It was cool. However, getting through the Temple of Wind is also going to involve solving a few puzzles. Okay, as long as they’re different challenges… right?

My issue is two-fold. I need to be creative enough to come up with new challenges that aren’t just the same old thing with fresh makeup. I am having some creative doubts.

My advantage is in having spent one hell of a lot of time in the wilderness, including deserts. I’ve hiked on trails and tried to keep to the true path. (I wasn’t always a fat old man.)

However; there is a third scene I need to write that also involves thinking and feeling Serang’s way through a physical challenge. She has to face this alone, but it is going to be somewhat similar.

The intent is they puzzled their way across the desert. The Temple of Wind brings new problems, but together they can do amazing things. Then, when it’s just her she has to bring her lessons to bear and think on her own without an instructor to help her.

The risk is that it’s going to become boring by the time the final event occurs. I have three possible solutions and have decided upon one.

First option is to write it all out and throw caution to the wind. People will either love it, or not.

Second option is to tell a bunch of the Temple of Wind stuff. I believe telling has a place in a story, as long as it doesn’t last very long. It’s my least favorite option.

Third option is to shorten up the crossing through the Temple of Wind. This is what I’m going with. It’s because delivering the message that Serang can think and make life or death decisions shouldn’t take multiple chapters. The Temple of Wind is cool. For the sake of the overall story, it needs to be a bit shorter.

This doesn’t mean it has to be a fast route. I can tell that two days passed between interesting events, then show those interesting events. As of this writing, I’m still working some of it out, but by morning I should be ready to go again.

By using option number three, I have more leeway to make the final obstacle more interesting and might not waste all my tricks before I get there.

How about you guys? Did you get to work on your fiction this weekend? Did you read something interesting instead, maybe do some cool research? Let me hear from you.


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35 responses to “Progress brings a new struggle

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  2. I like the way you considered three options then decided on a path. I’ve been feeling what way with my WIP as I keep thinking different directions the plot can fork in. I headed one way, retraced my steps, then changed everything up for a new direction.It’s frustrating taking so much time on a single scene, but rewarding when it clicks into place.

    You’re giving Serang a lot of thought. I can’t wait to see the results!

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  3. I did a little writing today, but yesterday was Shazam and NYC. One day I’ll get my act together. I like the puzzle idea that you mentioned.

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  4. Still only doing the blog. I have interruptions every day and no office furniture. I have a tough time being creative sitting on the couch. Soon very soon.

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  5. I like that you thought about two journeys that make Serang grow and decided to shorten the first one to make the second one stronger. Why can’t you make the eagle a mythical creature like a griffin or a wyvern? And I really like the idea of the journey involving puzzles, sort of like the Sphinx and Oedipus. He had to answer the riddle to pass unharmed. Cool! Makes me think of Indiana Jones in the famous cave scene, trying to reason out where the next threat would come from. Fun.

    We worked in the yard most of Saturday, so I spent a couple hours Saturday night writing plot points for Jazzi mystery #5. Got a good start on them. Today, I polished a chapter to post for my supernatural mystery and wrote a new one to post later this week.

    I can’t wait to read your Serang story!

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    • Most people have heard at least one kind of eagle, even if it’s just television. Hard kind of noise to describe. I’ve added a few strange actual creatures to this one, and considered a harpy eagle just for the name.

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  6. For the record, I agree that option three is the best one.

    I didn’t get to work on any writing over the weekend (unless you count a blog post and an interview I was working on). I don’t mind though, because I was doing some other things I wanted to do, including finishing up a couple of craft projects I’ve been wanting to get to, and catching up with some episodes of shows I’m way behind on.

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  7. My weekend was not productive. I did a lot of thinking though, does that count?

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  8. I think you picked the right option. You’ll know if it doesn’t work. Looking forward to reading it.

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  9. I struggle at times as well. This weekend was spent on mundane but necessary home things. No writing at all. But sometimes what you want and what you have to do conflict. This happens when we write too. I have noticed it with my characters.

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  10. D.L Finn, Author

    I say throw caution to.the wind:) Glad you had another productive day. I’m not going to get much done until tomorrow with babysitting part of the day. Happy writing!

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  11. “…delivering the message that Serang can think and make life or death decisions shouldn’t take multiple chapters.” You’re probably right, but maybe have a few bits of Wind Temple history that you can sprinkle in for variety.

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  12. I am playing catch-up, Craig. 🙂 I went to Arkansas and spent three days digging for Crystals. It was awesome. I had a thought when you mentioned the Eagle and the desire for a more monster-like creature. What if you used some sort of mutated bat since it’s a cave? Just a thought.

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    • I saw some FB posts about digging for crystals. Looked like a good time. This happens in daylight, and they’re canyons, not a cave. I even thought about the real bird “harpy eagle.” Maybe something will come to me. I can change it later if it does.

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      • For some reason, the idea of a ferret with wings popped into my mind when I read your post. I don’t know if ferrets make noises, though. The ones I’ve seen were quiet.

        Maybe a hissing Quetzalcoatl?

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      • I’ve searched through Chinese mythology for something, but nothing quite fit. Even if I use a phoenix I wind up describing the sound using the word eagle. I’ll revisit it later and can probably come up with something like an X-eagle. Chaos eagle, void eagle, something.

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  13. Haha, work on fiction, Ha! So funny! 😛 I did some dreaming and daydreaming, that’s as close as I can get these days 😉

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