A writing day: the middle slog

I’m in one of those enviable positions at my paycheck job, in that I have a lot of leave time coming. I decided to take some today for writing purposes. (Look, Mom, I’m getting paid to write. From a certain point of view.)

Tomorrow is my flex day, so I have that going for me too.

What I really want is to publish Serang before school lets out. Summer releases usually fail for me, so that’s my goal. The problem is, I need to finish writing it. There’s no reason I couldn’t hold it for fall, except I have another one I want to release this fall.

The nameless team-up story is going to have a good vibe for the Halloween season, so I really want Serang to be the spring release. I just have to finish it.

I got up fairly early, poured some coffee, then read my last chapter. I was joined by my writing partner.

Frankie rarely helps me, but maybe she’s interested in this story. (Otto is across my legs out of the frame.)

My characters are joining a caravan to cross the desert. They’re only going part way, then they’re going to branch off on their own. It’s a transitional chapter, and those take more time than the action bits.

Part of my issue is that the other story is becoming really fun. It’s over the middle slog and headed for the finish line. Serang isn’t quite there yet. “Aren’t middle slogs fun?” said no one ever.

There is a secret to getting over the middle slog. Lace up your boots and get to work. Sorry, that’s it. I know where the story is going, I need to move the players around, and it’s pure work. This is a good place to weave in a bit of introspection, or a growth point for Serang. I’ll look back through it and see if I can ramp some of that up later. Right now, I just want to survey the borders and get to the next part.

All in all, it wound up being a bit over 2800 words. I’ve reached a point where I need to decide if there’s going to be a battle, and there probably should be. I set some of this up and readers will expect it to happen. This will provide some exposure to western style weapons for Serang and might come across really well. Considering making it a longer battle where her traditional weapons aren’t much help.

Still, 2800 words is nothing to sneeze at. Not my best day, but certainly not my worst either.

I think Frankie is being overly critical here.

I may succumb to the thrill of the other story tomorrow. I really should try to get this one to the same point though. Serang’s finish is going to be fun too, but it’s looking like a longer story. Once I get past the middle it will practically write itself.

I have a hunch real baseball is on somewhere, so I’m stopping a little early today to check it out.


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44 responses to “A writing day: the middle slog

  1. Sounds like a super day, Craig. 😀

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  2. My two favorite quotes.

    • “Aren’t middle slogs fun?” said no one ever.
    • I think Frankie is being overly critical here.

    Looks like you had a productive day, Craig. Take the win. And play with the doggos.

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  3. D.L Finn, Author

    Sounds like a very productive day. The middle is always the worst. Happy opening day!

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  4. Definitely nothing to sneeze at. Enjoy the games.

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  5. Any words written are a good day in my book.

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  6. Did you do the battle scene? I’m great at going AWOL in the middle of a story! Interested in learning how things turned out.

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  7. Love your advice for the middle slog. Lace up your boots and get to work just about sums it up:) Serang is one of my favorite characters, so I hope you finish by the end of the school year. A spring release sounds awesome to me!

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  9. You know you and Frankie could be long lost brothers with that same expression… maybe it’s just a ‘middle slog blues’ expression.

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  11. Any writing is good, and that’s a decent wordcount. Good luck making your hoped for release date.

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  12. harmonykent

    Great word count, Craig … especially with those adorable critics looking over your shoulder! Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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  13. Frankie made me laugh. Nice to have a writing buddy. Is he angling to go for a walk?

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  14. I love your writing buddies. Frankie was glued the whole time. I bet Otto was too.

    Middles are the pits, but I’m in complete agreement with what you said, You just have to tough it out and slog through them. With bulldog support along the way!

    I’d be happy with 2800 words, especially when writing a middle.

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  15. I don’t have any writing companions, Craig. I am a loner. You are tearing along at a great pace. Well done.

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  16. Frankie’s so frickin’ adorable, I don’t know how you get any work done. 😉

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  17. Sounds like progress with a Capital P, Craig! Congrats! And your writing partner is adorable, by the way!

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  18. So, Frankie and Otto are like those ‘good’ and ‘evil’ pixies (honking great furry pixies) that sit on your shoulders and attempt to sway you with their silvan words. 😀

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  19. Awww! I love a good pet selfie and you shared two! What a sweetie she is! I like the way you’re just like suck it up and get it done! lol

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