Wipe the smile off its face.

Long time readers will recall that I grew up in Nevada. Casinos are a part of life. You have machines in grocery stores, laundromats, everywhere. There is a lingo that goes along with casinos too. I’m referring to slot machines in this instance. Etiquette says to never leave a machine showing the jackpot you just won.

In this case the term was to “wipe the smile off its face.” You added one more coin and removed the sign of your victory. It’s just something everyone does.

Right now, I feel like something is taunting me. Take a look at this photograph.

It’s been like this for weeks. In this case the “smile” is 39 reviews and not 40. Somebody get in there and wipe the smile off Amazon’s face. The Hat is a fun story, and I’m going to write more stories about Lizzie and the hat. This is a decent time to jump on-board and check it out. It’s still 99 cents, and it’s a short read. Check the reviews before you commit your coins, they’re all good.

I linked the picture, but here is a more traditional link if you like: http://a-fwd.com/asin-com=B078YYCNSF



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57 responses to “Wipe the smile off its face.

  1. What’s wrong with being 39? I mean, it looks so pretty. 😜 Though 40 is bigger.

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  2. I’d love to be the one to do that for you, but I already gave you five stars. ure would be nice if they let me post multiple reviews, though.

    Looking forward to you wiping the smile off Amazon’s face.

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  3. I never heard that expression about slot machines. Consider me educated!

    Fingers crossed someone steps up with review #40. I loved the Hat and already have my review mingled in among those 39. Hopefully #40 will show up today!

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  4. Never heard of slot machine etiquette, but I hope you get past 39 forever, even though it worked for Jack Benny:)

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  5. D.L Finn, Author

    I did not know of that slot machine etiquette:) I might have walked away from a machine after winning…opps! I wish I could help you hit 40 but I have already left my my review. This was another story and Hat I enjoyed. I’m hoping you hit 50!

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  6. I have also already reviewed The Hat, Craig (and am eagerly awaiting the next one).

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  7. I hope you get number 40 soon. I’m sharing so maybe one of my readers picks it up. Good luck.

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  8. I wish I could, The Hat was great! Unfortunately Amazon, in all their infinite wisdom, barred me from posting reviews. Good luck, though!

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    • That’s a theme these days. One prominent reviewer I know was barred because she doesn’t buy enough stuff from Amazon. Doesn’t seem to me like something that would impede her judgment, but it’s Amazon’s world these days.

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  9. Interesting promotion approach.

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  10. Hahaha, brilliant segue to your book. But, isn’t it better to sit on 39 reviews and five stars than maybe 40 reviews and the dreaded four and a half stars!

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  11. “The Hat” was such a great read. It deserves more reviews. If we all give it a little push on Twitter it may hopefully attract some new readers.

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  12. tmauthor

    Okay, you sold me. I invested the $0.99 and got my Kindle copy. Will let you know what I thought. If they are good thoughts, I will write a review on Amazon. Keep crankin’ ’em out, Craig!

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  13. Okay, I was in the dark about slot machines. I would be over the moon happy with 39 reviews. But hopefully, someone will step up and make it a nice, round number.

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  14. Good to know the etiquette if I ever make it to Vegas. Not that I’d ever win anything. Wish I could help, but I’m one of the 39.

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    • I know you are. I thought maybe there was a procrastinator among my readers. Some read, comment that they enjoyed a story, but never get around to the review. I got a couple of verbal commitments, so I might get another one.


  15. Reblogged this on Author Don Massenzio and commented:
    Help C.S. Boyack wipe the smile off the face of his Amazon reviews by reading and reviewing The Hat. It’s a great story and, at 99 cents, too good pass up. Details are in this post from his Entertaining Stories blog.

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  16. Many people stop birthdays at 39, but that doesn’t work for book reviews.

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  17. S.C. Jensen

    Well, I downloaded it! It will be a race to review #40. I look forward to reading it, even if I bump you off that nice round number to 41, haha.

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  18. That was a great story. I enjoyed it.

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  19. They hid The Hat all right… It is a great book and I look forward to the sequel.

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  20. Funny. I always feel neat when I’m the 100th like on something 🙂 I like the phrase, never heard it before.

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