Date night, kind of

Friday was my only writing day. I went through the Serang MS with the intention of deleting a chapter. I know we’re supposed to kill our darlings, but in this I failed. I deleted 10 words.

Part of this has to do with setting up some tragedies that wouldn’t be as tragic if treated as backstory. While Serang is a character from Lanternfish, her story does not have the comedic undertones that Lanternfish has. She is a serious character in that book, and her origin story is serious too.

Who knows how it will be received? I never do.

After I finished that project there was no time left for new words. Old What’s Her Face is off Saturday and Sunday, so that might be it for writing this weekend.

I may rough out some cover ideas tomorrow in anticipation of hiring Sean Harrington to start my artwork.

Speaking of Sean, he made me some cool pointers. I have a whole collection of them. Mine are more monstrous than the typical fingers you can find on Pixabay. Their purpose is to give direction on my blog.

It works like this. My sidebar has linked covers to my two most recent titles. By clicking on the covers you can grab a copy of The Yak Guy Project, or Voyage of the Lanternfish. I recently shared three wonderful reviews of Lanternfish, and I have the intention of writing more adventures for the crew.

You can also find a slideshow featuring all of my covers. There is a link to my Amazon page if you’d like to check out the older titles. There’s going to be another story for Lizzie and the hat. You might want to jump on board with The Hat about now too. I’m thinking of holding it until October. It will fit the Halloween theme pretty well.

I had a gift card to Old Chicago Pizza, so we decided to go there tonight. It was kind of disappointing this time. Our server didn’t know anything, and simply told me they were out of every beer I wanted to order. Finally, I told her the guy at the table across from me just received the beer I tried to order. Lo & behold, they did have it and she brought me a pint.

The pizza was off tonight too. It’s almost like there was old dough in the freezer or something. We’ll still go there, but we’re chocking it up to a bad night. Didn’t recognize a single person working there, and we go there a lot.

After that, we went to check out the new Albertsons on Fairview. This is their version of competing with Whole Foods. They have over two acres under one roof. They have some cool stuff, like jackfruit and a million kinds of salami. It’s one of those places where you would make impulse purchases. With lines about a quarter mile long at the checkout stand, my impulses didn’t happen. Maybe we’ll go back in a couple of weeks when the newness wears off.

As for writing, well… I have Wednesday off. I have one chore to take care of though. I have to go to town to get my truck sniff tested. The test doesn’t take long, but the travel back and forth does.

I think I could have accomplished more, but this cold is lingering. I’m still phlegmy and coughing. I feel a lot better, but I still missed one day at work last week. This thing can’t go away fast enough to suit me. It makes my mind foggy, and that isn’t good for writing new words.


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  1. Wow. The pizza and beer issue sounds surreal. Wonder what was going on there.

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  2. We had one Albertson closed down, one Vons closed down. The weekly ads now is Albertson/Vons. I shop at Sprout, yes, it’s whole food, and Smarts & Final, semi-whole sale.

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  3. I agree, Craig, there is nothing worse than a cold/flu to make you feel like you can’t think. “More Trubba” [can you hear me rhythmically banging on the table] “More root monsters1”

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  4. Yak Guy not available in my region. No matter, i still have The Enhanced League to read. Also this message from AZ: “Did you mean: the ak gun project”

    Certainly not!

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  5. I just hate it when a fav place goes to hell. At the prices needing to be paid, it is disconcerting. Damn cold anyway.

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  6. “Kill your darlings” is a crock of bull. Tell the story the way that packs its full punch.

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  7. I’m sorry you’re still under the weather. Sorry about the bad experience at the restaurant, too. But that “million kinds of salami” comment has me intrigued. Sounds like my kind of store!

    Feel better soon.

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  8. Punchy writing doesn’t exclusively entail that kind of violence. Pathos qualifies, too. A miserable childhood, aptly described, in active scenes, and with appropriate internal dialogue or omniscient commentary on the part of the narrator, can do the trick. Segue smoothly through the rest of the child’s development into adulthood, and you have a complete story that’s told the way it’s meant to be experienced. Just don’t label the early part “prologue,” because that’s not what it is – it’s an integral part of what went into the development of the adult character who engages in the subsequent adventures of the story.

    BTW, writing about a childhood does not make a novel “juvenile fiction,” as that category used to be labeled. All adult readers were children, and on that basis, they are capable of empathy with a character who’s in the process of growing up.

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    • Got it. There will be some pretty violent moments, and I wouldn’t call it a children’s book.

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      • You know it’s not a children’s book, because you’re the author, but you’ll be surprised at how many folks out there will assume it’s meant for the younger-than-18-years group, because a significant proportion of the narrative concerns a character in childhood. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and To Kill a Mockingbird, both of which deal in graphic detail with adult themes, are examples of that kind of misunderstanding. You’re in good company, so go ahead with what you’ve got. 🙂

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  10. We have a Pizza Hut five minutes from our house, and it USED to always have wonderful pizza. These days, it’s hit and miss. One time, it’s perfect. The next time, it’s like cardboard with hardly any toppings. I hope your spot gets its groove back and your last visit was just a bump. And hope you feel better soon.

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  11. D.L Finn, Author

    Our Albertson’s became Savemart. Yes they are all trying to compete with Whole Foods. Sorry your favorite place had an off night. I seem to have gotten your cold, so I understand the unable to get much done part of it. Glad you are doing better:)

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  12. That’s too bad about your pizza place. That beer situation was outrageous!
    The Mister and I had a lot of time alone this weekend and we spent it lazily and that was perfect.
    Sorry you’re still icky with sick. I sure hope this week goes easy on you.

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  13. Hugs. Hope the cold goes away soon! Your writing will pick up soon.

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  14. Might be showing my total ignorance here, but what’s a sniff test on a truck??

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  15. Sorry you’re still not feeling too great, and your date night wasn’t so great. Hope you get better soon, and the service – or lack there of – at the pizza place was just a one-off.

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  16. We don’t have an Albertsons, and the closest Whole Foods is an hour away. Too bad about your date night. I take my pizza seriously, so I feel your pain, Craig.

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  17. I’ve never heard of Albertsons. It sounds intimidating. I keep hoping for a Whole Foods, but the downside to living in a tourist town is that businesses don’t feel the population is big enough in off tourist months. *grumble*

    You’ve got a lot of cool writing things going on. I need to get serious and focus on my next project. I just got copy edits for Eventide. After that—look out!


  18. Wow! A crazy night when both the pizza and beer are off. 🙂 Sorry to hear the cold is still lingering. Great writing progress though!

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  19. Bummer that the cold is lingering, and about the pizza and beer. Nothing worse than anticipating one thing and getting another.

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