Tolerable productivity

It was another good day, but doesn’t compare to yesterday. Yesterday was one of the rare ones.

My goal was to work on edits to the Serang story. After I got off the phone with my parents, I didn’t feel like it. I accomplished a lot of procrastination today. Editing is one of my least favorite things.

I caved and added to the nameless project. It isn’t as much as yesterday, but it was a good day. It came to about a half chapter, maybe a bit more.

This section involved rescuing our heroes by using Gina’s backup plan. This top secret spirit of vengeance made a mess of the zombies, and that was before the bad guys pissed him off.

Hint: this one includes a lot of my previous characters. This one seemed to be a fan favorite at one time. Hint #2: the voodoo ritual took place beside a lake.

These guys are heroes, but against 75 to a hundred slobbering smelly zombies they needed a bit of help. Plus Lisa is out of commission.

Lizzie and the hat rushed the crane that manipulates the electro-magnet. It was operated by a type-one zombie. These are more Voodoo centric and aren’t the same thing Walking Dead fans might be thinking about.

They reached him about the time the “spirit of vengeance” arrived on the scene. This required some ducking for cover. Eventually, they got to the crane and we had adventures in operating the most complicated piece of equipment in existence. Typical Lizzie and the hat banter accompanied this scene, but their friends didn’t get crushed by an old Impala. A few zombies did.

Lisa is still out of it, but the extinguishing of the magnet will allow her to start on the road back. (She’s going to be so pissed at me when she gets back to work.)

Gupta got shot during the firefight, and Lizzie and the hat popped him to their secret cabin for some first aid. I’m now debating what kind of archaic old weaponry Lizzie’s ancestors might have stored there. This really is for a humorous scene involving Lisa (Still out of it), but I don’t know whether to include it or not.

We looked at my open browser windows a week ago, and that was kind of fun. Here’s what’s open right now:

  • Entertaining Stories. (Naturally)
  • Two different pages for that online convention. I did sign up for it, but have no idea what I’m doing.
  • Oils in Witchcraft and Hoodoo.
  • Hoodoo candle magic.
  • The Gutenberg Bible.
  • Psalms and Verses in Hoodoo.
  • Grumman F2F airplane. (Oops, another hint.)
  • Stinger missiles.
  • Photographs of crane interiors.
  • Coban medical wrap.
  • Injection vials.

This could only be one of my stories, right? I was particularly happy with my Voodoo/Hoodoo ritual. The secret to these is to do some research, then make it all up anyway – but based upon that research.

I did move on to the Serang edits. I worked through two of three critiques. These need to be done, but I also needed some whiny time. I could have moved the team-up story further down the line. I could have dealt with the last Serang critique. A little of both isn’t bad, but I’m left with that feeling of not getting something off my list.

No idea what I’ll do tomorrow. The same projects are still on my list. It might be smart to slow down the team-up story. It’s at around 35,000 words right now. I don’t want to bring it in under 50K.

There will be some words dedicated to the wrap-up. Gina promised the participants rewards, plus we need to see the positive result of their effort. Quarantines need to be ended even if it’s just a blurb on the television. Gina and Gupta aren’t “contractors” in this tale. They don’t get rewards.

I’m thinking about doing a self imposed quarantine at the mansion for all the characters. This means they’re going to get exposed to one of the viruses.

Lisa and Jason Fogg seem to be immune to everything, and the dog gets a free pass. Would a brief section of being too close for comfort and bickering be hard for readers to digest? I haven’t seen this done at the end of the story before. It’s usually a getting acquainted section at the beginning. I could trickle in knowledge that their efforts paid off. What do you guys think? You’re all readers.

There is a risk in dragging this part out. I have a lot of characters, and only the main ones will get focus in this part of the story. I’ll probably limit this to Lizzie and the hat, Lisa Burton, and briefly Clovis.

For this reason, maybe my best bet is to shift over to Serang tomorrow.


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39 responses to “Tolerable productivity

  1. Congrats on the procrastination? I’m not sure I follow about the last question though. Are you thinking of ending the whole story with the characters quarantined and bickering? Sounds kind of like an amusing fade to black thing. I’ve seen it done a few times in a way that makes the audience feel like life goes on in a positive way. Not sure that’s what you’re talking about here. Personally, I kind of did that in ‘Crossing Bedlam’ where Lloyd and Cassidy ended with friendly one-liners. It just felt right for those characters, which is important.

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  2. When I’ve come to enjoy characters I can be happy with most situations. Bickering actually works for me, but I’m not 100% certain what you mean…do you plan on ending it on that note? Handled well, that could be clever.

    I love the idea of looking at open browser windows. I had a handful of them open today–everything from census stats to white oak facts and small town business opportunities–as I plotted my next book. I might try a post on that idea down the road if you’re okay with me borrowing it.

    I hope to actually start writing next weekend now that the bulk of edits are behind me. I have one more big one coming (I always do a thorough read though when I get the first round of copy edits). I REALLY want to start creating again.I’m feeling that tug of withdrawal.

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  3. I’ve about finished my online business today, so I only have this, Y’s, and gmail up. I may go spend my $20 Kohl’s cash though.
    One-eyed zombie sounds memorable, like the one-eyed minion.
    I hope your Monday is as productive as you like 🙂 I’ll be at work tomorrow and I hope and pray Mentor is well enough to join me, so that I may find my desk! I’ll count that as a win 🙂

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  4. I think a little bickering before the reward at the end would be fun.

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  5. The virus and guarantee sound interesting. I hope you just have a little dry cough, no congestion. I finally had a flu shot yesterday after the insurance bugged me for a long time have one.

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  6. So envious of your productivity! Good on you. Had to laugh at your open broswers though. Mine get like that when I’m writing… I often look at what’s open and think ‘God, the Government will be after me any minute now’… last week was biblical references, a YouTube video on the Colt Dragoon Model 3, images of chupacabras, and the outfits worn by soiled doves in the late 1800s.

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  7. I think the section at the end sounds fine, Craig, as long as you don’t overdo it. I am sure you have to slow done now and then (although you rarely seem too) so the odd bit of procrastination is acceptable.

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  9. I kind of like the idea of them all being exposed to something, quarantining themselves, bickering, then after healing, having a tentative truce if not an outright bonding moment. Reminds me of the dynamic of the Avengers, and love or hate superheroes, that was some darn fine storytelling.

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  10. I see you are under the weather. Feel better.

    I have no problem with any ending as long as it gives some type of closure. I hate to be left hanging in the air not knowing. Especially if there is no future book planned.

    I wasn’t productive this weekend, too many outside plans. But, sometimes you have to do other things to be more productive when you get back at it.

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    • whatever crud this is hit hard last night. I believe there will be more Lizzie and the hat stories. I think each one has to wrap up though. It isn’t intended to be a series as much as multiple stories about the same characters.


  11. D.L Finn, Author

    I like the sound of the ending and live the ppen browsers. Sounds like another productive day.

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  12. No idea about the bickering unless it advances the plot somehow. But it’s sure fun reading about what you’re up to. You’re already up to 35,000 words? You’re flying through the chapters. Sounds like you’re really enjoying both books. Go, Craig!

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  13. For a day of procrastination, sounds like you got a lot done. 🙂 The new WIP sounds intriguing. I have to agree about editing. It sucks!

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