Some days I hate to stop

Today was a writing day. When I have the place to myself, dogs excepted, it’s usually a decent writing day. Today was no exception.

I decided to work on my nameless team-up adventure. It feels like about 4000 words today, and I hate to stop. Old What’s Her Face will be home soon, and that stops it anyway, so it’s time to blog.

My characters did some spying with a drone, discovered that the bad guys raised the stakes with what amounts to a biological weapon, then identified a likely place to investigate further.

The new site is swarming with zombies, and the team was beaten back. A couple of the girls commented on Jason’s bare butt as he tried to help them avoid getting killed.

Lisa Burton was taken out of action by a huge electro-magnet. Computers and magnets don’t get along too well.

Gina decided it was time to fight fire (undead) with fire (undead). This led to a fun Voodoo ritual, and the game changed directions for a bit. That’s right at the point where I stopped, and there is a lot more to this part.

Clovis had to face a small bit of his past, in the form of zombies that he’d already made dead once before. He isn’t phased by much, so I doubt it will slow him down. I probably need to beef this part up a little.

Like I said, sometimes I hate to stop. It makes for a good place to pick it back up again.

Sundays I call my parents, so a lot of my quality time goes into that. This makes late morning a great time to address some of those Serang edits I need to get to. I’ve decided to do this in two parts. First, fix all the grammatical things, then go back to paragraph one and edit for content. To do this, I’m going to identify the key points, do word count between them, then assess if the between parts get beefed up or cut back.

Serang has been a little tougher to write, but it’s a great experience. It’s kind of a fictional biography, and there are some things from Lanternfish that cannot be changed. I’m enjoying the challenge of this one, but they are different challenges than the other story.

I’m off Monday too, so I’ll probably leap the team-up story ahead some more. At least that’s my goal.

I started my day with some sourdough toast, and it was great. I’m having a meatloaf sandwich now, and it’s great too. All in all, it’s been a great day. Hope yours is too.


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48 responses to “Some days I hate to stop

  1. Even if we have to stop (writing) for the day…it leaves us time for reflection – in a great way like you just did, Craig.
    You did a great job with Serang; I dare say that even if I am still in the middle of Voyage of the Lanternfish.

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  2. Glad you had a good day. I could use a sourdough meatloaf sandwich about now.

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  3. Love seeing how you set things up to get work done. It’s oretty inspirational.

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  4. It sounds like you’re making a lot of progress with both books, writing them off and on like you are. I’ve been toying with the idea of writing two different kinds of book at the same time and switching back and forth, but I’m not sure I can pull it off. My brain’s pretty linear.

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  5. I get like that when I’m writing. I actually get jealous of the things that drag me back to reality. But congrats to you for making such a good use of the day. And meatloaf sandwich, yes please 😁

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  6. I agree, computer and magnet don’t work well together. My husband has a joke (or truth?). He is a MRI teach. One night the robber went into the MRI room with a gun. As soon as he entered, his gun flew onto the MRI machine (because it’s a magnet).

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  7. Too early to tell what kind of day it will be, but the sun is shining!

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  8. Wow. You were productive. Can’t wait to read the final product. Both sound interesting.

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  9. Days like that leave me feeling so productive. Glad you had one. And wishing more of the same for tomorrow.

    You might want to consider switching order of edits, though. There’s no point in fixing grammar in something you’re just going to edit, anyway. But you have to do what works for you. Regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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  10. I am pleased to know you had a productive day, Craig. Mine has been quite iffy with Michael having an allergic reaction to a bee sting and Greg having a birthday celebration this afternoon. I have managed to get your questions done though so will send them over shortly.

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  11. I love productive days. It gives such a feeling of accomplishment. Congratulations on getting so much done.

    I finished round 2 edits on Eventide, so I guess that was productive in it’s own way, though I do want to get back to writing, or at last fleshing out yhte story idea in my head.

    I’m sure you’ll get a lot done having Monday off, too. You sound like you’re on a roll!

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  12. D.L Finn, Author

    I love those writing days when everything flows and you don’t want to stop writing!

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  13. Well that’s groovy. I wonder how Lisa fixes her magnetic problem?
    Also, I would like a bite of the meatloaf on sourdough, please and thank you.

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  14. I’m so excited for the zombies. And a meatloaf sandwich on sourdough sounds scrumptious.

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  15. Those kinds of quality writing days are few and far between for me. Congrats on this one, Craig!

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