A writing day

I drew the lucky straw for the first time in years. My flex day at work is Friday. Combine this with the Monday holiday, and I get a four day weekend.

We gain a lot of leave hours where I work, so I decided to add a day to my weekend today. If I’d have been thinking, I’d have taken Tuesday instead. Today costs me 10 hours of leave; whereas, Tuesday would only cost me eight. Oh well, I’m glad to be off.

It’s raining like hell here today, and as much as I love it, Frankie does not. She’s one of our bulldogs, and I spent the bulk of my morning trying to get her outside so she could pee. She wanted out, but not in the rain.

Her older brother, Otto could care less. Finally, I lied and told him the squirrel was outside hoping they would both take care of business. He blustered out while she watched from the doorway. Finally, she ran outside, bit him in the head, then ran back in. He wanted to stay out, because he doesn’t care.

Eventually it stopped for a moment, and she did her business outside.

Besides tending dogs, I managed some writing today. This time it was Serang’s turn. She managed to catch a fish. This may not seem like much, but her father was a fisherman, and it means everything to her. He died when she was young, and being able to do this is very important to her. She shared the fish with some poor villagers that the soldiers took everything from.

They moved locations, which allowed me to introduce some minor fantasy creatures. Then she killed a couple of soldiers, stole their money, and fled for her life. They were some of the bad guys, and this needed to start happening.

She still isn’t completely mature, and there are some big lessons she needs to learn. She met another surviving monk and overheard the adults talking about her. Now she’s about to undertake a large journey, but she doesn’t know it yet. I’ll handle that tomorrow.

It feels like around 3000 words. I want to dwell on the next section, because I’m changing environments again. We’re leaving the cliffs, bamboo, and jungles and going to a high desert for the next portion. Serang and her master forage for a lot of their food, and I’m not quite sure what they’re going to find out there. I may just have them take it from their pursuers. In fact that sounds more adventurous.

Right now, I’m done for the day. I have some sourdough rising, and my wife is making soup when she gets home. Whatever you guys are doing, I hope it’s a good day.


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37 responses to “A writing day

  1. Glad someone had a good day, but I’m not complaining. We have roadworks right outside our house and the noise is terrible!

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  2. Sorry about the rain. One of my dogs is fussy about going out in it, too. I’m glad the weather broke long enough for Frankie to go.

    Congrats on the lucky straw. Five days off while only taking one is the jackpot. And you’re writing, so that’s good, too. Soup and fresh bread sound wonderful for the weather. Enjoy.

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  3. Bummer that Frankie won’t go out in the rain. My dogs don’t like to go out in the rain either, One is easier to get out than the other. It Figures. Glad you got lucky. I myself love to sit on the porch when it rains. There is just something about that.

    Fresh bread sounds wonderful. Happy writing.

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  4. Yay! I’m glad you’re working on Serang. She’s one of my favorite characters from The Lanternfish. Happy writing again tomorrow!


  5. Sourdough and soup. What a combo. Happy four days.


  6. Congrats on the long weekend. May the muse be with you. Should I be highly amused by the bulldog antics? It sounds like it would be frustrating in the moment.

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  7. I was laughing my butt of at the antics of your babies. My girls used to be the same when it rained. “Nope. I’m NOT going out in the rain thank you very much. I’ll just pee here on this nice rug.”
    Must be a girl thing.
    Enjoy the rest of your days off!

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  8. I like the sentimental bit about Serang catching a fish. That got me, Craig.
    “Ran out and bit him on the head” LOL Seriously, what moxie!
    I wish I accrued time, or flex, or whatever. I’d have like… weeks. LOL We do in theory, but not so much in practice. Too busy. But, the office is flexible as needed and I value that highly.

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    • The second pass on this one is going to be rough. I need to add more emotions and even some humor. That’s how bulldogs play – bites in the head. It was pretty funny though. Lot’s of accrued leave and a flex schedule is hard to beat.

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  9. D.L Finn, Author

    Sounds like another great story in progress. Having lots of wind and rain here, too. Our dogs arent fans of having to go out into the rain either–it takes alot of convincing. Luckily it will go back to snow which they both love. Soup sounds good!

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  10. Poor, Frankie. She really doesn’t like the rain. I hope it doesn’t last long for you.

    Congrats on such a long writing stretch. I’m in editing mode this weekend (again) but can’t wait to get back to actual writing again. I’m starting to feel the withdrawal.

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  11. The sibling rivalry is hilarious! Glad you enjoyed your day. Happy writing!!!

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  12. Yep! Rain and dogs don’t go well together unless you are Otto. 🙂 I love the way you are developing Serang. They could possibly eat rattlesnakes in the desert. Here in the Southwest, it is considered a delicacy. 🙂 Besides, it could add to the adventure of catching them. Just a thought. Enjoy your days off!

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  13. We had a 12-hour power failure yesterday, Craig. It was the grand finale after 4 – 6 hour power failures on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I didn’t get much reading on my kindle done [sigh!] as the battery doesn’t last that long and I use it for other things during the day too. It is on tonight I am will be doing a long catch up.

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  14. She bit him in the head! … bwhahahaha! 😀 … that’ll teach him to make it rain when she has to go pee! 😀

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  15. Late to the game again, but I’m glad you had a productive day. Enjoy your long weekend!

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  16. Very amusing. I like it.​

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  17. I’m late – hope you’re having a productive long weekend. And I’m with Frankie – I wouldn’t want to go out either. With a litterbox, luckily Bond doesn’t have that problem, lol.

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