Punking out today

I’m not doing much of anything today. Everyone is home, and the dogs are noisy to the point of nuisance.

I could have done some reading. Could have done some writing, but they both require a quiet place.

Did a lot of internet surfing today. Found some nice reviews for Lanternfish. Seems odd to me that the USA reviews post on the UK site, but the UK reviews don’t post on the US site. I have a great review on the UK site too.

Lanternfish is thing. People seem to be enjoying it. If you haven’t picked up your copy, you still have time to do so and tell your friends, “I was into Lanternfish before it was cool.” Think how much you’ll enjoy that.

All you have to do is click on the cover, over there.

I managed a bunch of daydreaming and added a ton of lines to a notebook about future stories. This is pre-storyboard stuff, but they make cool vignettes, scenes, characters, monsters, etc.

It helped with the ideas that the Harry Potter and Magical Creatures marathon is on television today.

With tomorrow being Super Sunday, I doubt I’ll be any more productive. I have Monday off, so maybe there’s hope for it. I have a wonderful book I’m reading, and the mashup story could use another chapter.

I left Jason Fogg inside a skyscraper trying to steal some corporate documents to help the group gain an advantage. I’m pretty sure he’s going to get thrown off the building. He’s Jason, so he can fog-out before hitting the street. I can still build some tension in that his thrower is watching, and he has to time it right to convince the guy that he splatted on the ground.

Jason’s stories were always in first person, and it would be great in a scene like this. It doesn’t work in the mashup, because all the players get time in the spotlight.

I also woke up Tituba the sourdough starter. She’s bubbling away and ready to bake. I might do some of that too.

I hope all of you are having a great weekend. I couldn’t care less about the game. It’s the ones who got there on a bad call vs the ones who got there on a lucky coin toss for possession. There will be the advertisements, some great craft beer, and my wife promised hot goat cheese dip with poblano drizzled over the top. Go craft beer and goat cheese! Nom.


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39 responses to “Punking out today

  1. Ha, I love that even on your ‘off’ weekend you’re still making notes, thinking about scenes and, well, just generally being a writer 🙂

    I have to ask though, what’s poblano? I mean, anything that drizzles sounds like a good thing but I just have to ask…

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  2. Still sounds like progress. I’m undecided on the game tomorrow. Tend to lose interest once the Patriots turn up. Just don’t find them exciting to watch.

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  3. Love your take on the Superbowl, haha!
    Hot goat cheese with poblano. Oh my hat. That sounds marvelous!

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  4. To me, Super Bowl has nothing to do with the game. You’ve got it pegged at Craft beer and goat cheese.

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  5. I’m not into the “Super Bowl” this year. I agree the ones there got there probably shouldn’t be there. We aren’t sure we are watching this year. But I do like the commercials.

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  6. Some days are good for brainstorming. Sounds like you’ve got some great ideas going. I’m with you on the Super Bowl. I didn’t want either team to be there, and I don’t plan to watch it. Maybe I’ll get some reading or writing done.

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  8. I am also reading a great book, Craig [wink!]. I had a bit of a frustrating day yesterday with lots of interruptions. I am making up for it today.

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  9. Brainstorming is still progress, and pretty good progress if the dogs are having one of those kinds of days. When our dog has a day like that, I consider it a triumph if I even get to make a dent in my eMails.

    Goat’s cheese… Yum!

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    • It’s the best we can manage some days. I get more done when my wife works. Sad, but true. She monkeys with the dogs, but they seem to sleep well at night because they’re tired.


      • I’m the one who usually monkeys around with the dog. So I generally end up doing that on and off all day, doing whatever I can of everything else whenever she’s napping. She does sleep well at night too, so I do sometimes take advantage of that for some extra work hours, if I’m getting too behind on things. Mostly I take advantage of it to relax though.


  10. What a way to enjoy an ‘off’ weekend! Color me envious – especially fresh sourdough bread! Reading Lanternfish now…

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  11. Your game time snacks sound wonderful. I’m not rooting FOR anyone, but I’m hardcore rooting AGAINST the Pats. I’m even wearing blue and gold.

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  12. Hey, the Pats earned their right to be in the Super Bowl Lucky coin toss or not, they still won the playoffs. Enjoy your Sunday. I won’t hold the dig about my team against you. 😉

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  13. Sounds like your goofing off was fairly productive, Craig! Yes, I have always been astounded that Amazon doesn’t share reviews across the board on all of their platforms. I don’t know why. The dip sounds yummy and of course, who can resist sourdough bread? Not me!

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  14. I had a strange weekend. I cooked most of the day yesterday, making things for breakfasts and lunches during the week. Today I got all of my year-end author tax stuff ready (ugh!) and worked on some promo material. And then I watched the Puppy Bowl. How have I missed this all these years. Consider me smitten!

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  15. Sounds like your brain will be jam packed with ideas by Monday, so I bet you’ll be ready to write. Enjoy the days to daydream and ruminate! And enjoy your dip and the game.

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