Temporarily out of service

My daughter just headed home. I always love seeing her, and we had a nice visit. She and Old What’s Her Face went shopping yesterday while I was at work, so I know they had a nice visit too.

Her work schedule isn’t one that allows actual full weekends, so we take what we can get.

The blog tour for Lanternfish is officially over. (Try not to cheer too loud.) This is the longest tour I’ve ever done, but I had a lot of hosting offers and didn’t want to let anyone down.

I’ve always been blessed in that my regulars will follow the tours, at least in part. Some of you made every stop and I’m so grateful for you. This is a benefit to those who hosted me too. It increases their blog volume, and they might gain a new follower along the way. My hosts were all pretty interesting people, so it’s fun to get acquainted that way.

We sold some books, had some fun conversations, and kept each post unique. It’s pretty tiring though. I have a habit of checking the comments for several days. I don’t want anyone to think I snubbed them. Every night, I surfed back across four or five posts to see if there were new comments. I’ll keep doing that for the last couple of posts.

It’s time to kick back and watch for reviews. Hopefully, there will be some. I try to reblog those that do blog reviews, but Amazon is what I’m watching.

My mind is filled with creative ideas this morning, but I’m not going to do any writing. This is a good weekend to spend some time with the Muse. I need to string some scenes into the overall plot of my stories. A bit of thought makes for better tales.

Work was crazy this week too, and is scheduled to continue into next week.

Right now, I’m watching the original Star Wars, except it’s the one they added extra crap to. They should have just left it alone.

We hope to work in date night tonight. No specific plans, but probably dinner somewhere. (Update, Old What’s Her Face just made reservations at PF Chang’s.)

For me, I’ll check blog comments, but otherwise, I’m temporarily out of service.


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50 responses to “Temporarily out of service

  1. Enjoy your rest, Craig. You deserve a break.

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  2. Enjoy your break. (What at least eight hours?) 😴

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  3. Mmm, PF Chang’s. Yes, that sounds good. Some dumplings and an eggroll sound wonderful right about now!
    I’m glad Daughter came and I hope the rest of your weekend is pleasant as well πŸ™‚

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  4. You’ve been hitting it hard. Enjoy some down time. Hope the Muse smiles on you.

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  5. Congrats on the successful blog tour. Totally with you on Star Wars. Han shot first. Although I do like that they actually put a Tuskan Raider in the viewer when Luke says he sees one. That’s it though.

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  6. “Old What’s her Face” you’re killing me!

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  7. Great blog your. Congrats on the release and good luck.

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  8. You’ve worked too hard, enjoy your weekend, Craig.

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  9. Have a great rest Craig! I know what you mean about Star Wars. I revert to the old VHS copy I taped off tv in the 80s just so I don’t have to watch CGI jabba floating all over the place. Ugh.
    PS, how does one go about hosting books on a blog tour? My blog is always open….

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    • Hosting is just a matter of letting the world know you’ll post things for them. I chose my hosts from my inner circle, and added in some of the super bloggers. Numbers and reach are the name of the game on a tour. There is a mutual benefit to the host and the guest. Many of us follow each other, so some people got the idea that I have a new book over a dozen times. The goal is to reach new people as well as old friends.

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  10. Here’s hoping Lanternfish becomes a flying fish on Amazon, Craig. You deserve it!

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  11. harmonykent

    Enjoy the break and family time, Craig 😊

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  12. Nice you had a good visit with your daughter. Hope you enjoyed date night.

    Glad the tour seems to have gone well. I think I got all the posts… I read and tweeted all the ones I saw anyhow, and Frankie’s interview with Lilie is my pinned tweet for the week.

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  13. That was a pretty grueling blog tour for sure, Craig! I enjoyed each post and think I made have made every stop along the way. You did a great job of keeping them different and interesting. Enjoy P.F. Chang’s! I love their lettuce wraps!

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  14. Take care πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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  15. Blog tours are a lot of fun but they can be tiring too and you were really hitting it hard. You deserve a rest and time to re-energize with the muse. Hope you had a nice weekend and a happy date night!

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  16. You deserve the rest, Craig. Hope you had a great date night!

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  17. Tours are tiring. You did a great job and deserve the rest.

    I hope to have a review this weekend. I’m almost done with the book, but free time is in short supply these days.

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