Staci has generously provided her space for the Lanternfish tour today. The topic is research, even for a fantasy tale. Maybe you can offer a guess about which three seas I’ve been on.

Staci Troilo

I’m so happy to have a return guest today. If you know him (and I hope most of you do), you know what a talented author he is, as well as what a generous blogger he is, giving much of his time and web space to helping the rest of us promote our work. If you don’t know him, now is your chance to make a valuable connection. Without further ado, I’m delighted to turn my site over to my friend and fellow author, C. S. Boyack. Take it away, Craig, and tell us all about your latest release.

Thanks for lending me your blog space, Staci. You’re always welcome over at my place too. I’m here to talk about my newest work, Voyage of the Lanternfish.

Voyage of the Lanternfish

Lanternfish is a pirate fantasy. It’s set in a fantasy world. You
would think that I could just make everything up, but…

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7 responses to “New Release: C. S. Boyack’s VOYAGE OF THE LANTERNFISH

  1. Thanks for sharing the post, Craig. I hope your tour is skyrocketing your sales.

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  2. I’m almost finished with The Voyage of The Lanternfish!

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  3. Love the look at research.

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