The Non-Business Plan

I love it when others are inspired by something I wrote. (Anything I wrote, I’m not picky.) Check out this 2019 business plan over at Ben East Books.

Ben East Books

Fellow blogger and author C.S. Boyack found the right word to describe what many might otherwise call a New Year’s resolution (he wisely disavows the concept).

Rather, Boyack puts forward a ‘business plan‘ for the year ahead—which platforms he’ll look to and why, beta readers and critique groups, ideas for the next narrative, etc.

With admiration for his approach, I propose a similar notion myself. This, despite an  inherent aversion ‘business’ similar to the aforementioned aversion to new year resolutions.

Following are a few aspirations I have for writing in the year ahead. More importantly, I’m including a few thoughts on the concrete steps I hope might bring me to fulfill them.

  1. Publish some non-fiction and journalism across at several new platforms
  2. Place one of my three other completed novels for publication
  3. Zero in on the next long-form narrative I’ll devote months to, whether one I’ve been dabbling with…

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10 responses to “The Non-Business Plan

  1. Always nice to inspire someone.

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  2. PS–was also inspired to join Book Bub, so we’ll see how that goes!

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  3. It’s good to be an inspiration in whatever you do. I too am averse to the resolutions.


  4. A business plan is handy- now if I’d only follow one! 🙂

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  5. I’m sure you inspire more writers than you realize, including me. 🙂

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  6. Very cool! Nice to see your post prompt others.

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