No new words of fiction this weekend

I spent all day Saturday sending out blog tour posts. It’s part of the author gig. If we don’t spread the word, nobody will read the books. I managed to shape eight of them up to the point of being worthy.

I sent out two more today, along with an interview. I have one more interview to respond to, but that host said I could have a week if needed. It’s hard for me to admit needing it, but I do.

Honestly, I worked a full weekend, and don’t feel like I had any time off. This isn’t a good situation, but one I must endure. The funny part is most of these posts were hacked out a month ago. I had no idea who would get each post, so I had to customize all of them depending upon which host they went to.

There will be a lot of reblogging going on here during January. This is my attempt to pay back those who hosted me. I have a decent following, and if I can bring my hosts some traffic, it’s the least I can do.

Every post is unique, so it isn’t going to be like following one of those cover and blurb tours. Some of them lend themselves to some decent conversation, and I’m looking forward to the comments. I also went with more excerpts this time. Those usually spark some interest, so why not? You can find each post by checking in here, since I’ll be reblogging.

About all we did beyond that was date night. We had a gift card that provided our pizza and beer. Even it was quick so I could go back to work.

This is all part of the glamorous author life. I’m not enamored with promotion and enjoy drafting new material much more. Still, it must be done. Maybe I’ll get back to new fiction in a couple of weeks.

You can help spread the word by visiting the posts along the way. Tweeting, sharing on Facebook, and reblogging really help, and might help my hosts too. You can also express interest in Voyage of the Lanternfish over at Goodreads and BookBub if you’re on those sites.

That’s about it for me this weekend. I’m pooped, but got a lot done. I look forward to chatting with everyone along the way.


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38 responses to “No new words of fiction this weekend

  1. Sounds like you need a rest. You got a lot done in a short time. And I’m looking forward to all the promo. Wishing you all the best.

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  2. It is hard work for sure. Here’s hoping for a good week.

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  3. I’m like you, I’d rather write than do the marketing thing. But it’s a necessary part of writing. Looking forward to visiting the tour spots.

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  4. You definitely earned that date night. Looking forward to all the promos.

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  5. It’s hard work launching a book. You’ve defitently been busy, and I don’t think I ever did a book launch where I was writing new material at the same time. Far too exhausting, so cut yourself some slack.

    Glad you had a nice night out. Wishing you all the best with Lanternfish. I’m looking forward to meeting Serang and the root monsters.

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  6. Well that’s a pity. I hate that. A weekend all spent out and not feeling like it was a weekend. Here’s hoping this week is SUPER productive and next weekend is a bit more relax and play and less workee-workee!
    I like when you host people, because you cast a wide net — good variety.

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  7. Sounds like a very productive weekend, even if you didn’t get to work on new writing projects. These things need to be done if you want to write for more than just yourself though. I think it’s great that you’re doing different posts for each place though… Keeps things interesting if there’s something at least slightly different each time.

    Any time I spot any of your promo posts, I’ll share them across Twitter via the host site.

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  8. I’m typing up a post about Voyage of the Lanternfish right now, which I’ll post tomorrow morning if things don’t get too hectic at work.

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  9. I know you’re tired, but it feels good that you got so much done, right? I can’t stand scheduling things but when I do, much gets accomplished. Enjoy the success of the weekend. Another one is coming. Knock that one out the ballpark too. I plan to. Have a good week.

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  10. I’ve sort of shifted how i feel about promotion. I’ve decided to enjoy EVERY part of writing–the fun of the first draft, the fine tuning with rewrites, and even the promotion–my chance to connect with readers and blog hosts. I’m so in awe of blog hosts. They’re so generous with their time and blog sites. It’s all part of being a writer these days.

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  11. What’s this glamorous author life you speak of? Promo is tough, and a writer could spend 100% of their time doing it. I’ll help spread the word any way I can, Craig!

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  12. I will share the posts as much as I can, Craig. I will also read and review your book during February.

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  13. Good luck with the promo. I am not a fan of doing it either.

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  14. Launching a new book is a ton of tedious but necessary work. I wish you much success with “Lanternfish.”

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