It starts with a blog post

It doesn’t look like there’s going to be any new fiction from my keyboard this weekend. This is because I have a lot of blog commitments right now. It only seemed appropriate to start off with a blog post too. Make no mistake, this post also helps me organize my work plan so I can keep track of it all.

I have to work up one of Lisa’s shticks and send it to the author. We go back and forth on the interviews, and I need to serve it her direction.

I don’t want to saddle a guest with the week between holidays, so I’ll probably make a Lisa Burton Radio slot about my own works to hold the spot. I have books too, so why not?

This is the time of year to write a couple of posts that have proven popular over the years. The first one is a year end assessment. It’s a thought about what worked, and what didn’t during 2018.

The other one is a 2019 business plan. I usually write these in my word processor so I can dwell on them and spend a couple of days before I schedule them.

I have two posts coming up over at Story Empire, so of course, I haven’t even thought about them. One is Christmas Eve, so I might get by with some well wishes and such. I can probably cobble together a conclusion to the series I started about writing small, medium, and large for the other one.

I probably ought to do a Christmas post over here too. I have a couple of old Lisa Burton Christmas posters and might recycle one of those.

All told, there’s a whole lotta blogging goin’ on. It’s a short weekend for me, and that’s about all I can manage.


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25 responses to “It starts with a blog post

  1. In all fairness, that’s a good deal to fit in to a short weekend, especially one right before the holidays. So, good luck getting it all done. Hope you’ll also make some time to relax and enjoy the weekend.

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  2. Wow. A blog post bonanza. Might not be manuscript work, but I think it still counts as author work.

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  3. A whole lot of shakin’ goin’ on — I have no doubts you can shake up that keyboard just as fervently as Jerry Lee Lewis did here, Craig. Then do that little dance at the end like he did. Best wishes–

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  4. Aquaman looks awesome, enjoy!


  5. I like your casual approach to the blog responsibilities.

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  6. Enjoy your short weekend! Blogs take some time to write, so I hope your Muse grants you witty words and lots of speed:)

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  8. Somehow, at this time of year, Craig, all your time disappears and you don’t get done the things you had planned to do. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019.

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  9. Merry Christmas. Wishing you much joy, happiness, and success in the New Year.

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  10. I’m way behind on my blogging commitments, though am done for the year. It’s the start of 2019 I have to start focusing on, but I’m putting that off until after Christmas. I think writing and blogging just naturally take a back seat this time of year, but it sounds like you have a plan. I can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve!
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas. Hugs to Otto and Frankie, too!


  11. Great tune! Enjoy 😀

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  12. That’s a lot of work for a short weekend! Merry Christmas, Craig!

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