Pretty good flex day

This is my last flex day of 2018. On holidays, we work eight hour days, because so many people want time off. I only have Christmas Day off next week, and New Year’s Day off the next one.

I wanted to accomplish some things today, and feel like I’ve done that. I started off by opening a can of chicory coffee and making some. It’s kind of a treat, and not what I usually buy. I like to get a small can once in a while, like today.

Social media is always my first stop, so I worked through email and such. Then I turned my attention to some critiques I received. Working through this section a couple of times served the same purpose as reading my last chapter, so I figured to give it a go.

I wound up with 2600 words, and that makes for a nice day for me. My characters, argued, chased two different kinds of monsters around, and shot the crap out of things. I think they had fun too.

Confession time here. I don’t have a detailed storyboard for this one, and I’m struggling with word count again. I may have to give up some writing time, and make a board for the portions that are left. This one is extremely character driven, so the plot doesn’t have to be quite as heavy. I still need one though, and the characters ought to be moving it along.

Second confession time. I’m writing two books at once. This is almost always a problem, but I’m doing it again anyway.

Then I turned my attention to Lisa Burton Radio. I have tomorrow’s post all written and scheduled. It promises to be a fun one, so make sure you swing through.

I still have another one to prepare the shtick for, but I normally wouldn’t do that until Saturday. I might still do it this afternoon.

Other duties include the Christmas Eve post at Story Empire. I still have no idea what I’m going to do there, but I’ll come up with something. It probably isn’t the best day to conclude the mini-series about writing small, then medium, then large.

I also think next week might not be the best week to force upon one of Lisa’s guests. I may write something up for myself just to fill the slot.

If I don’t do anything else today, it was a good day. I may just play with the dogs and hang out. Or storyboard. I should be storyboarding.

This is squirrel patrol in the big chair with me. Note Otto’s open and alert eye as he scans the back fence. He couldn’t catch one in a million years, but he enjoys the chase.


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33 responses to “Pretty good flex day

  1. So hard to work when you have company like Otto! Sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate. Wishing it all goes smoothly.

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  2. *reads the two confessions*. Who are you and where is the real C.S. Boyack?

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  3. Two books at once. OMG Craig. Good luck

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  4. Two books at once! I’d have to be REALLY prepared to be able to go back and forth between books. Have fun!

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  5. Glad your day was productive. It seems like Otto was being productive in his own way.

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  6. Sounds like a productive, and enjoyable, day. Nice you were able to treat yourself with the coffee, as well as some dog playtime.

    I often work on more than one story at once. I know that doesn’t work for everyone though. If it starts becoming an issue, you can always switch to focussing on just one of them. In the meantime… Enjoy yourself!

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  7. harmonykent

    Sounds like a pretty good flex day, Craig. Have a great weekend and a happy Christmas 🙂

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  8. I’ve never been able to juggle two writing projects at once, so consider me impressed! Glad you had a decent writing day, too. That’s always a huge plus.
    Otto is so photogenic. What a great picture of your guy!

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  9. 2 600 words is good in a day. I wrote for 3 hours this morning and only produced half that amount but I had to do research. I am sorry you have to work so much when everyone else is on holiday. I look forward to Lisa’s show tomorrow.

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  10. Kudos for writing two books at once, Craig – don’t know how you do it.

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  11. Writing two books at the same time sounds fun. Otto is so cute. He can come over to my backyard if he want to catch a different squirrel. The squirrel in my backyard is not scared of me. He comes to eat the bird seeds. I tried to chase him away, but he stared at me and waited until I got close before he turned around. As soon as I walked into the house, he came down from the tree trunk again. The birds didn’t mind him, so I shouldn’t either.
    I should watch Lisa’s show. It may be up already.

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  12. More good progress. Two books at a time — I can’t even READ two at a time. I did when I was in school, and it was hard for me, keepin all that back and forth. To this day, I confuse two Russian pieces — The Metamorphosis and Ivan Ilyich. If you have read them, that’s disturbing, but humorous, too. (apart from exams on which I got Bs and lots of red question marks) Not a fan of the Russians — reading list too demanding 😉


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