Practically a holiday

Here’s what I have in mind for tonight.

Here’s what Lisa Burton has planned.

It seems my wife is on Lisa’s side. At least the game comes on several hours before the fashion show. If it isn’t completely over, it ought to be pretty close before the fashion show starts. (‘Cause in Idaho, underwear isn’t for prime time.)

Go Steelers! (And go fast.)



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22 responses to “Practically a holiday

  1. Lisa’s looking… she looks great. As usual.

    Go Steelers!

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  2. Lisa’s a Victoria Secrets model. Makes perfect sense!

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  3. LOL! That’s too funny 😀

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  4. After seeing the score this morning, hubby was glad he didn’t watch the game. So was I – it spared my eardrums.

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  5. Wow, Lisa looks like she just stepped out of the broadway show “Cabaret”.

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  6. Ah, Victoria’s Secret Angels. 🙂 Lisa looks great!

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