Secrets, colds, date night, and new words

I took vacation from Wednesday through Monday. This time, I didn’t tell anyone, including my wife. This is because the last time I tried to get some writing time it got pirated away. I lose the vacation hours either way, and my employer doesn’t qualify whether I was content or not.

While everyone was reading my group post about hosts willing to promote our work, I was working on new fiction.

Old What’s Her Face was off Friday, and we both woke up with colds. No idea what that was about, but we were phlegmy and both had headaches. She got over it before I did, but by mid-afternoon we both felt fine. Fine enough to go to Old Chicago for pizza and craft beer.

I slung quite a few words today, but didn’t keep score. My tale moved from a transition scene into an action scene, and those move quite a bit faster.

I’d have to consider this vacation a success already. Tomorrow I dedicate some of my morning to calling my parents, so I don’t expect much else to happen. My story is at a point where I have to think about it, and hopefully the Muse will show up for me.

I’m also off Monday, but so is my wife. This isn’t necessarily a deal killer for new fiction, but it’s usually much less than when I’m alone.

If I were to wish for anything, it would have been a couple of guests for Lisa Burton Radio. I didn’t get any takers, and don’t quite understand why. I’ll probably do a promo again, but the risk is to get over a hundred at once like the last time. (At one per week, that’s two years of applicants to get through.)

I could have done without the cold, but it’s been a pretty good vacation so far and I have two days left. Maybe I should look for some December wallpaper.


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32 responses to “Secrets, colds, date night, and new words

  1. Good, you are getting some writing in. If you felt better in the afternoon it might not be a cold. Those things take seven or more days to get over. You may have some allergies to either food or something else.

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  2. Glad your WIP is coming along and you and your wife are feeling better.

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  3. What a pity to have lost some time and energy to a sick. I low-key got Sassy’s cold last week, not the full-blown version she had, and that was enough for me. Went to bed early twice, guzzled orange juice and used a ton of tissues for days. Phew! I feel like I got off easy!
    Glad you got your date night in 🙂
    Regarding the promos, maybe people are too busy with the holidays? My calendar is horrendous of scribbles, Craig.

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    • The timing could be a big part of things. Many of my author friends are planning for January releases, like I am. We used plenty of tissues here yesterday too, then it was suddenly over. I’ll take it. Could have been days longer.

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  4. Awesome about you getting some good writing time in!

    Sorry you and your wife got colds, but glad you recovered quickly, and were able to enjoy a date night.

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  5. Glad tpo hear the illness was short-lived. I lost three weeks to the flu last winter (gift from one of the kids I tutor) and being phlemy and snotty can really absorb your energies!

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  6. Glad the cold was short-lived. Congrats on the new work. I don’t understand why authors don’t jump at the chance to be on Lisa’s show. It’s fabulous! If I had another new story out, you can bet I’d be sending you the request for a spot.

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  7. Hubby and I both have sore throats today. We had out of state family in the area yesterday (Saturday) so the only writing I got done was today. A paltry 1500 words, but I’ll take it. I was at one of those scenes I wasn’t
    sure what to do with it and now it’s out of the way.

    You have to be feeling really good getting all that writing done and moving ahead on the WIP. I have fingers crossed for you tomorrow. Progress is progress. Fingers crossed Lorelei shows up and works her magic.

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  8. It’s getting cold in southern California, so I can’t imagine how cold it is up north. My husband and I are going to Portland, Oregon to my daughter, her hubby and the granddaughter for Christmas. We had a white Christmas last year. Sorry that both you and your wife got sick but good that you got over with the cold. I got my flu for the season, didn’t take any medication, so it dragged for a long time – weeks.
    I’m glad to have my book on Amazon for a month now. This blogging community has given me a great support.
    I listened to Lisa’s Radio shows and appreciate very much. I would like to be a guest in February or later, next year. We’re taking a family vacation most part of January.

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  9. Oy. It’s that time of year, isn’t? Glad you’re feeling better and got some writing done. Fun night out, too. Sounds productive to me. 🙂

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  10. Can’t believe you didn’t get any takers on Lisa. I’ll post it in my publisher’s Facebook group and see if that drives some people over.

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  11. Glad you had some time for work AND fun, even with a cold. Hope you get even more pages done over your days off.

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  12. When is your new pirate book coming out, Craig. I am looking forward to that one. Sounds like a reasonable weekend. My new book is poetry so I don’t think that works for Lisa. I will be in contact when my new Sir Choc is out. Lisa can interview the fondant five which should be quite fun.

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